Flight Deck Communications

Communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC), flight crew members and ground personnel using Crew Resource Management (CRM) techniques, conduct flight preparation activities and set up flight decks for take-off



Competency Area

Aircraft Operations


Flight Deck Communications

Verify ATC clearance using standard communication callouts

Ensure FMC, automation modes panel set-up, transponder squawk codes and ground crew read-back comply with ATC clearance

Monitor and manage communication systems

Employ CRM techniques to provide and receive updates on flight progress from ATC and flight crew to maintain optimal flight environments

Pre-Flight Preparation

Determine parking positions according to airport charts

Taxi the aircraft to the assigned stands based on Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions and taxi routing

Communicate with flight crew and ground personnel according to established procedures

Park the aircraft by following marshalling instructions

Perform engine shut- down procedures

Complete all required flight documentation in collaboration with flight and cabin crew

prepare aircraft for flights

Set up flight decks to prepare for flights

Evaluate aircraft defects and review if they are within MEL requirements

Perform FMS initialisation, data entries and cross-checking

Complete performance calculation

Complete all relevant pre-flight checklists

Conduct external aircraft inspections to check for defects

Collaborate with engineers to resolve aircraft defects

Perform engine start procedures based on Engine Start Checklists

Monitor compliance of pushback procedures

Plan taxi routing based on taxi instructions from Air Traffic Control (ATC)