Cabin Safety Management

Assess and manage the safety of aircraft cabins through surveillance and safety checks



Competency Area

In-Flight Services


Monitor cabins for potential safety hazards

Carry out regular cabin surveillance to identify potential safety hazards and manage safety risks

Identify and alert crew- in-charge of passengers who may not be fit to fly

Instruct emergency row passengers to open doors in case of emergencies

Conduct pre-flight safety demonstrations

Perform checks on safety equipment and inform crew-in-charge of defects or irregularities

Administer overall cabin safety procedures

Coordinate with flight crew and authorities to respond to safety hazards

Identify and alert the pilots-in-command of passengers who may not be fit to fly

Supervise cabin crew to ensure adherence to standard operating procedures and safety regulations

Manage unruly passengers to minimise cabin disruptions

Audit and ascertain cabin crew compliance to safety standards

Develop overall cabin safety standards for the airlines

Collaborate with regulators, authorities and other relevant stakeholders to develop cabin safety standards for the airlines

Conceptualise and run campaigns to communicate cabin safety standards to cabin crew and crew-in-charge

Evaluate and determine cabin crew and crew-in- charge are adequately trained to uphold cabin safety standards

Implement plans to address issues and concerns arising from cabin safety audits