Airline Revenue Management

Develop and implement pricing strategies and revenue management models to maximise airlines revenues



Competency Area

Commercial Management


Utilise revenue management models to generate yield and revenue analyses

Determine factors which affect demand for air travel

Monitor seat capacity and revenues generated from scheduled flight routes

Collect relevant data to analyse the impact of pricing strategies on airline performance

Evaluate pricing strategies used by competitors

Generate and present analysis to project revenues

Leverage on revenue management models and seat inventory control principles

Propose methods for optimal seat allocation taking into account overbooking models, booking class protection and no-show rate forecasting

Propose adjustments to price and seat capacity to reduce operational costs of flying

Apply established pricing and revenue optimisation strategies to forecast demand for flights

Recommend improvements to revenue management systems and processes in the organisation

Develop revenue management strategies to build presence in new markets

Channel overall business strategies and commercial objectives into pricing and revenue management objectives

Integrate revenue- optimisation strategies with other aspects of airline operations such as scheduling, fleet- planning and sales and marketing

Develop strategies to develop Point of Sale (POS) presence in new markets for airlines

Propose new distribution channels to maximise revenues and yields

Develop new revenue management systems and models to build revenue forecasting