Service Innovation

Establish service innovation strategies and develop operating systems, policies and processes to support service excellence and innovation



Competency Area

Service Innovation Culture


Enable service staff to generate ideas that contribute to service innovation

Recognise the importance of service innovation in the organisation

Generate potential service innovation ideas to transform the customer experience

Evaluate potential service innovation ideas according to organisational evaluation criteria

Present mock-up of service innovation ideas to stakeholders

Implement service innovation ideas in the organisation

Involve team members when planning to implement service innovation ideas

Acquire resources required for the implementation of service innovation ideas

Collect and analyse information on the effectiveness of implemented service innovation ideas

Review implemented ideas to make improvements

Develop and implement new products or services innovation

Assess customer’s needs and expectations to develop new products and/or services

Innovate product or service offerings to respond to customer’s needs and expectations

Evaluate product and/or service developed to ensure that it is in line with customer’s needs and expectations

Design, innovate and translate the desired customer experience

Interpret customer intelligence to determine desired customer experience

Innovate the desired customer experience in line with the organisation’s vision, mission and values

Translate the desired customer experience into a service operations plan

Evaluate impact of desired customer experience