Food and Beverage Quality Audit and Assessment

Audit and assess the quality of in-flight meals to enhance food and beverage quality and safety



Competency Area

In-Flight Catering


Participate in internal and external food and beverage quality audits

Prepare schedules and documents for audit meetings

Ensure sampling accuracy of meal products for audits

Identify food and beverage quality lapses for escalation to supervisors

Assess information and report key findings from food and beverage quality audits

Finalise audit outcomes and obtain sign-off on identified audit parameters and resources

Assess audit information to ensure quality practices are followed

Determine quality lapses and areas of concern in accordance with organisational procedures and requirements

Highlight deviations from quality standards to management for corrective actions

Analyse audit information and recommend corrective actions

Review reports and quality issues identified by auditors and/or quality control inspectors

Evaluate quality test results to assess whether further investigation is required

Determine the root causes of specified quality issues and take appropriate corrective actions

Produce relevant reports to document issues and actions taken

Determine quality standards for special food and beverage orders

Propose corrective action plans based on best practices and in consultation with relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Lead audits and/or quality control inspections

Lead key audit meetings

Develop key elements of audit plans

Evaluate audit findings and assess how quality issues were handled

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments to implement corrective action plans

Lead the development of audit reports to pinpoint areas of non- conformance and quality lapses

Evaluate audit reports to ensure relevant supporting evidence, remedial actions, revised guidelines and timelines for corrective measures are reflected in accordance with organisational procedures and requirements