Flight Performance Data Calculation

Maintain accurate calculation of flight performance data and assess its implications on flight paths



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Calculate and generate flight performance data statistics

Apply general formulas used to calculate flight performance

Identify and collate relevant information and statistics for calculating flight performance

Identify the uses of flight performance data for aircraft operations and flight monitoring

Generate flight performance data

Calculate and/or generate flight performance data according to established formulas and procedures

Complete required documentation and actions after calculating flight performance data

Determine take-off and landing runway length and speed

Determine permissible altitude and temperature limits for flight operations

Analyse calculated flight performance data to determine its implications on flight paths

Review flight performance data to identify discrepancies in accuracy of data

Provide technical insights on flight performance when developing contingency plans during irregular operations

Investigate incidents pertaining to inaccurate calculation and/or generation of aircraft flight performance data