Airline Marketing

Plan, develop and implement marketing concepts and campaigns for airlines to drive sales and build brand equity



Competency Area

Commercial Management


Execute activities to record trends in travellers’ behaviours and marketing programmes

Identify factors which impact travellers’ motivation and preferences

Outline new trends in airline marketing programmes

Collect and interpret information regarding competitors’ marketing programmes

Gather preliminary insights from secondary research to incorporate into reports

Support content creation for marketing collaterals

Assess the effectiveness of the marketing programmes

Monitor data to identify key issues, trends and opportunities

Create content for marketing collaterals

Assess feasibility of incorporating new trendsfor marketing activities of the organisation

Support the execution of market segmentation activities which meet the needs of target markets

Evaluate research findings and returns from existing marketing programmes

Evaluate market research reports, competitor analysis and customer data to identify new marketing opportunities

Coordinate product development and airline partnership activities with relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Maintain records and archives of brand and marketing campaigns

Evaluate returns of marketing initiatives to determine their suitability for future marketing initiatives

Review effectiveness of marketing campaigns against intended outcomes

Implement marketing strategies according to established marketing plans and timelines

Evaluate effectiveness of marketing campaigns against intended outcomes and recommend strategies to enhance effectiveness of campaigns

Review marketing campaigns to ensure compliance to aviation regulatory frameworks

Strategise marketing campaigns

Explore opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of marketing activities through the use of technologies

Develop marketing strategies to build brand identity of airlines

Develop annual marketing plans in collaboration with senior stakeholders

Negotiate with external partners and affiliations to expand airlines’ customer reach and enhance their brand values

Preside over marketing budgets to ascertain all marketing activities meet allocated budgets