Market Research

Conduct market research to identify opportunities for enhancing product suites, services and revenue opportunities for the organisation



Competency Area

Productivity and Innovation


Execute market research projects through data collection and organisation

Execute market research projects according to organisational objectives and approaches

Conduct secondary research to gather required data

Perform data cleansing

Organise data in formats for analyses

Review market research data to meet customer needs

Manage market research activities in accordance with market research plans

Select data collection techniques in alignment with research objectives

Prepare templates and formats for organising data

Assess gaps in the data and identify alternate proxies

Analyse data using statistical techniques to draw conclusions

Report findings from the data analyses

Develop market research study objectives and draw insights

Develop market research objectives or hypotheses to address business needs

Evaluate data to identify trends, patterns and insights to facilitate business decision- making

Communicate and present market research study findings to relevant departments and stakeholders

Analyse market research data to determine opportunities to enhance product suites, services and revenue opportunities of the organisation