Customer Service Delivery

Anticipate customer needs and provide quality customer services as ambassadors of the airports



Competency Area

Customer and Passenger Services


Identify and respond to customer requests and needs in the airports

Explain information and respond to customer requests

Infer culture-specific requests and provide appropriate solutions

Apply active listening techniques to understand customers' needs

Offer recommendations to customers on available products or services to meet their needs

Assist customers in the usage of equipment such as automated check-in self-service kiosks and bag-drop facilities

Offer solutions that are customised to customer preferences, needs and expectations

Provide customised responses based on customer preferences, needs and expectations

Offer advice and solutions to resolve customer requests

Provide explanations for service disruptions and handle unmet customers’ requests

Suggest appropriate products or services to accommodate customers with special needs

Initiate conversations with customers to enhance customer experience

Execute customer services according to organisation’s service delivery models and standards

Determine emerging customer needs, potential problems and risks

Identify potential problems and facilitate ways to improve customer service standards

Implement quality measures through internal studies to determine areas for improvements in customer service delivery

Adapt new developments and trends in airports to enhance service delivery

Develop customer service delivery models and propose areas for enhancements

Manage exceptional customer complaint cases

Develop customer service delivery models

Conduct market research on customer needs and demands

Evaluate market research results and customer feedback to pinpoint areas for developments and ways to exceed international benchmarks