Aircraft Load Planning

Plan aircraft loads with due consideration for regulatory requirements and safety standards



Competency Area

Ground Handling Services and Operations


Administer methods, techniques and calculations to plan aircraft loads

Determine load planning constraints and limitations based on different aircraft types

Generate load and trim sheet documents before flights

Communicate and account for changes to load plans to relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Finalize calculations to plan aircraft loads

Complete load distribution plan portions on the aircraft load sheets

Issue Notifications to Captain (NOTOCs) where required

Evaluate potential risks and hazards associated with the improper calculation and completion of load sheets

Review completed load plans and oversee changes to aircraft loads to mitigate flight risks

Review and confirm the accuracy and quality of load distribution plans

Assure all risks have been taken into consideration when developing load distribution plans

Manage complex issues and situations regarding trimming of aircraft loads

Oversee audits to aircraft load planning processes