Aircraft Performance Management

Conduct post-flight analysis to develop optimal flight performance parameters



Competency Area

Aircraft Operations


Record data on aircraft operational performance to identify areas for improvement

Document flight control information and aircraft parameters according to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Verify accuracy of flight control and performance documentation

Able to identify common issues in aircraft movement and operational parameters

Monitor flight parameters and examine data to identify aircraft performance issues

Track flight performance through key operational parameters

Monitor accuracy and quality of aircraft performance data

Highlight issues found within aircraft flight parameters

Assess and determine aircraft parameters to improve flight performance

Conduct post-flight parametric analysis to assess aircraft performance

Interpret performance, operational andoperating conditions data to provide recommendations to flight crew

Coordinate with flight crew to troubleshoot flight performance issues

Escalate major operational issues to relevant stakeholders and/or departments

Implement operational and systemic changes to flight operations

Implement strategies to enhance efficiency of aircraft performance

Analyse post-flight performance data to map aircraft performance against expected performance

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the recording, collection and tracking of aircraft parameters

Evaluate aircraft parameters and recommend additional parameters to be evaluated

Review flight control, performance documentation and post- flight documentation for validity, accuracy and adherence to set standards

Collaborate with flight engineering teams to implement changes to aircraft’s technical parameters

Recommend changes to aircraft’s technical and functional parameters to enhance safety and efficiency of aircraft performance

Optimise flight control systems and processes for airline flight operations

Integrate best practices and new technologies to reinforce aircraft performance tracking equipment and infrastructure

Lead the review of aircraft performance efficiency data to determine areas of enhancement

Develop strategies and drive changes to aircraft technical parameters to optimise aircraft performance efficiency