Scheduling and Slot Coordination

Develop and manage airline schedules and slots by applying optimisation techniques



Competency Area

Commercial Management


Assess factors affecting airline schedules to coordinate slots for disrupted or delayed flights

Identify differences between ground arcs and connecting arcs

Monitor internal and external factors which affect airline schedules

Determine appropriate methods to manage schedule disruptions

Execute procedures to re-optimise schedules after disruptions occur

Schedule slots in airports

Ensure slot requests are completed with accuracy

Coordinate with external stakeholders to re- schedule slots in airports based on changes in flight schedules

Coordinate with stakeholders to make operational changes based on adjustments to airline schedules and slots

Develop airline schedules and review slot coordination to meet flight schedules

Determine implications of ground arcs and connecting arcs on airline scheduling

Develop plans to isolate disruptions to minimise downstream impact on flight networks

Analyse historical data to forecast propagated delays and total arrival delays for airline schedules

Calculate cost impact of disruptions and delays on airline operations

Analyse capabilities of airlines, airports and ground handling organisations to meet flight schedules

Conduct analysis to determine feasibility of scheduling slots for proposed flight routes

Verify slot requests to ensure accuracy and completeness and avoid the risk of losing historical slots due to errors

Collaborate with other departments to integrate flight schedule designs with fleet assignment decisions

Formulate procedures and models for airline schedule planning and slot coordination

Develop strategies to enhance robustness of airline schedules during planning stage

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for airline scheduling and slot coordination

Oversee processes for automating the generation of slot requests

Oversee processes for automating the management of current slots and slot changes

Establish integrated recovery models to manage flight schedules impacted by irregular operations

Implement optimisation models and solutions to minimise the number of passengers impacted by irregular operations

Propose recommendations on flight networks and new routes based on disruptions and delays identified in historical data