Engineering Standards Audit and Assessment

Assess engineering project documentation and outcomes to ensure compliance with established standards



Competency Area

Airport Engineering


Execute internal and external audits and coordinate audit schedules

Conduct necessary preparation work for audit meetings

Coordinate and finalise audit schedules based on availabilities of internal and external teams involved in the audit processes

Gather the necessary information from consultants and/or contractors to perform audits

Review audit submissions to ensure completion

Communicate audit schedules to relevant stakeholders and/or departments involved in the audit processes

Prepare necessary documents needed for audits

Identify missing information in audit submission packages

Evaluate key findings to prepare audit reports

Analyse audit submission packages with auditors

Review audit submission packages are complete and in order

Explain rationales for project decisions made when queried by auditors

Examine areas of non- compliance highlighted by auditors

Recommend corrective actions to address non- compliance

Produce management reports to document feedback from auditors and follow-up actions

Develop process improvement strategies

Lead and manage all key audit meetings

Analyse findings from auditors to develop process improvement strategies

Evaluate corrective actions to determine implications on different stakeholders and/or departments

Convey and clarify the impact of process improvement strategies to relevant stakeholders and/or departments