Service Branding and Coaching

Develop strategies to enhance the organisation’s service brand and value proposition



Competency Area

Customer Experience


Implement the organisation’s service brand instructions

Organisation’s service brand

Organisation’s service brand guidelines

Methods to implement the organisation’s service brand guidelines

Process to analyse impact of service brand guidelines

Monitor Unit Load Devices (ULDs) operations

Monitor loading and shipments of ULDs based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Verify marking and labelling on ULDs

Calculate ULDs gross weight and actual cargo weight

Prepare and complete ULDs document tags

Transmit completed ULDs data for load planning

Ensure appropriate methods are applied to ULDs which require special handling

Ensure alignment with the organisation’s service strategies

Implement service brand guidelines

Analyse impact of service brand guidelines to ensure alignment with the organisation’s service standards

Gather data related to service brand guidelines

Ascertain gaps by comparing data collected against organisation’s service standards and service brand guidelines

Implement corrective actions to enhance the performance of service brand guidelines

Oversee Unit Load Devices (ULDs) operations

Supervise day-to-day operations to ensure safe and efficient handling of ULDs in line with SOPs

Oversee the on-time release of ULDs in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Administer corrective actions for ULDs which are denied boarding or offloaded from aircraft

Drive service branding initiative

Develop an appreciation for the service brand as a competitive advantage for the organisation

Establish strategies to champion the adoption of the service brand

Evaluate the impact of service branding initiatives on the organisation

Implement strategies to mitigate risks

Leverage on industry best practices and standards to develop SOPs for ULDs management

Review discrepancies in ULDs data and document tags

Develop plans to address safety breaches in ULDs operations

Implement strategies to mitigate risks of ULDs being offloaded and returned to ground handling organisations

Develop strategies to optimise the utilisation of Unit Loading Devices (ULDs)

Determine the impact of changes in regulations on ULDs operations

Investigate aircraft damages arising from improper ULDs build-up and loading

Develop strategies to mitigate misuse, theft and damage of ULDs

Define processes and procedures for ULDs operations activities

Propose enhancements to ramp operations to load ULDs