Flight Dispatch

Plan and execute flight dispatch activities and identify dispatch issues to ensure optimal and safe flights



Competency Area

Flight Operations


Conduct flight dispatch activities and prepare dispatch documentation

Calculate fuel requirements based on flight plans including reserves for alternate site landings

Calculate take-off weight based on fuel requirements and passenger and cargo payloads

Obtain weather information along flight routes

Examine aircraft maintenance reports to ensure completion of required maintenance

Compile information regarding flight plans, inclement weather reports, aircraft turnaround activities and irregular operations

Prepare and submit dispatch documentation for review

Oversee flight dispatch activities

Construct flight plans taking into account weather conditions, optimal routing, expected fuel consumption, layovers, wind aloft and availability of alternate landing sites

Notify ground services and ground handling agents in the event of flight delays and irregular operations

Conduct flight plan briefings to flight crew and other stakeholders

Finalise and approve flight dispatch documentation in accordance with SOPs

Prepare and issue NOTAMs where required

Enhance resource utilisation and flight safety by maximising aircraft parameters

Define and disseminate SOPs to ensure dispatch teams adhere to processes for flight dispatch

Collaborate with airport agencies and stakeholders to stay abreast of regulatory changes and compliance requirements in flight dispatch

Collaborate with designated management pilots and other stakeholders to fulfil operational requirements for flight dispatch

Conduct regular reviews of flight dispatch manuals

Audit flight dispatch operations and documentation to ascertain compliance with SOPs and regulatory standards