Airport Operations Management

Manage interconnected airport functions including aircraft operations, airside activities and landside maintenance



Competency Area

Airport Operations


Identify the different functions and duties of airport operations

Distinguish the different roles and responsibilities of key functions and their contributions to airport services provision

Identify and report airport-related safety and security hazards

Perform airport operations within the context of organisational structures which exist in the airport operating environments

Ensure seamless integration of airport operations

Identify operational issues which may impact airport users and community

Determine the interconnectivities and interdependencies of airport operations

Coordinate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments involved in airport operations to fix issues and deliver services

Administer airside, terminal and landside operations

Determine performance requirements for airport services

Define operational issues faced by airport stakeholders and/or departments

Audit airport operations with reference to safety and compliance standards

Implement plans to mitigate risks in the airports

Propose inputs for the development of master plans for airport operations

Develop performance improvement measures for airport operations

Develop plans to mitigate risks of accidents and damages in the airports

Analyse statistical information pertaining to airport operations

Evaluate the success of airport operations and pinpoint areas for enhancements

Propose inputs for the development of master plans for future airport terminal operations

Develop strategies in the expansion and commercialisation of airport operations

Oversee the development of airport master plans

Lead the development of airport business continuity plans to ensure smooth and efficient airport operations

Source for new business opportunities to increase profitability of airport operations

Formulate brand identity for airports

Oversee research to assess the feasibility of new service offerings for the airports

Evaluate the success of new airport policies or programmes

Propose improvements for airport operations

Pitch new concepts to relevant stakeholders supported by business cases