Kitchen Production Scheduling

Manage production of in-flight meals based on airline and flight requirements



Competency Area

In-Flight Catering


Carry out work activities to ensure production output targets are met

Interpret production schedules

Follow instructions to meet production targets for the shifts

Monitor output levels to ensure timely delivery of output targets and in compliance with required quality standards

Inform supervisors of any delays or unforeseen circumstances which could affect production outputs

Make appropriate changes based on instructions and amended production schedules

Consolidate orders from in-flight and schedule work activities

Identify overall production capacity through assessing equipment, resources and availability of ingredients

Verify production demand based on prior order requirements and seasonal demand trends

Calculate required production outputs based on overall capacity, forecasted demand levels, product shelf life and buffer stock

Modify production output targets if buffer stock is insufficient to meet orders

Execute contingency plans to handle unforeseen circumstances where buffer stock levels fall below production outputs

Maintain timeliness in generating production schedules

Plan and implement production schedules to meet kitchen production output targets

Assign work activities through the translation of production schedules to individual output targets

Conduct briefings to staff on work activities for the shifts

Redeploy resources to deal with cases of underutilisation and/or sudden manpower shortages

Review schedules to ensure ad-hoc orders are fulfilled

Coordinate with warehousing department to ensure sufficient stock levels are available

Manage production schedules and oversee changes in demand projections

Validate production schedules to ensure production targets are accurate, feasible and aligned to customer requirements

Amend production schedules in collaboration with planning staff if targets are unrealistic and/or production is impacted by unforeseen circumstances

Oversee adherence to and manage deviations from production schedules

Strategise long-term kitchen production plans

Develop long-term production plans and schedules based on demand projections from airlines

Lead improvements to production schedules to maximise resource utilisation

Evaluate output capacity and sales projections to forecast resource requirements

Develop plans and/or proposals to deploy additional resources