Change Management

Initiate and facilitate organisational changes and business transformation initiatives



Competency Area

Organisational Development


Execute change in accordance with new policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Obtain clarity on changes to job roles and responsibilities

Maintain optimism regarding organisational changes

Identify and perform new work requirements to support change initiatives

Create a positive atmosphere with regards to organisational changes

Maintain and encourage positive attitudes about change

Identify new behaviours to exemplify as a result of change

Keep stakeholders up- to-date on changes which affect them

Provide proactive feedback regarding organisational changes and processes

Administer change management programmes

Determine opportunities for change within one’s scope of work to improve work processes

Communicate change in a clear and positive manner to attain buy-in from team members

Support well-being of team members during change initiatives by addressing their concerns about organisational changes

Monitor effectiveness of change management programmes and initiatives

Develop overall change management strategies and programmes

Communicate the need and rationales for change

Develop change management strategies and programmes

Implement continuous improvement processes and systems to aid sustainable change implementation

Propose enhancements to change management strategies, programmes and implementation plans

Develop contingency plans to address resistance to change in the organisation

Develop metrics to track the success of change initiatives

Drive change in the organisation

Review organisational systems, processes and policies to identify areas for improvement and change

Create momentum for change by sharing hope, excitement and enthusiasm for organisational changes

Build teams of change leaders and agents to oversee effective implementation of change management strategies and programmes

Drive change management programmes and initiatives to gain buy-in from relevant stakeholders

Foresee and anticipate potential concerns of key stakeholders