Change Management

Identify required changes and perform a risk assessment to develop and implement a change-management strategy for effectively supporting, evaluating and sustaining organisational change.



Competency Area

General Management


Recognises and demonstrates openness to change

Recognises the different types of changes that can occur within a department, project, or organisation

Suggested changes to methods and procedures taking into account the department regulations, rules and policies.

Adjusts approaches and responses to reflect the urgency of situations and changing circumstances.

Makes an effort to understand the need for change and its impact on projects/operations

Suggests incremental changes, as determined through day-to-day experiences

Identifies and assists with change planning

Creates goals that are aligned with the organisation’s change management strategy goals

Proposes changes to processes and methods by producing research and identifying bottlenecks, issues and key stakeholders

Develops approaches that ensure the optimisation of present and future resources

Collaborates and coordinates with other stakeholders in the department towards the change management strategy

Formulates and monitors implementation roadmap

Identifies change areas that are aligned with the organisation’s change management strategy goals

Prepares implementation roadmap for change, including a change initiative plan, risk-mitigation plan, and a stakeholder engagement plan

Conducts impact and stakeholder assessments

Monitors the implementation of change activities

Provides early change examples for all stakeholders associated with and impacted by the change

Drives implementation of change strategy and evaluates the success of change management strategy

Determines the agenda for change in their department in line with the department’s strategic priorities

Manages the implementation of change by coordinating with all key stakeholders

Monitor any developments that have an impact on the change strategy

Streamlines impacts associated with changes are identified and managed

Provides regular updates on the implementation roadmap, with a focus on bottlenecks and concern areas.

Evaluates early successes and challenges of the strategy