Prepare, contribute, and oversee procurement policies across their life-cycle, while identifying and solving bottlenecks through IT and other tools.



Competency Area

General Management


Demonstrates knowledge of procurement policies

Demonstrates knowledge of procurement policies in India

Aware of the role and utility of the Central Public Procurement Portal and other IT tools

Describes the various phases of the procurement life-cycle

Supports procurement planning through the collection and consolidation of contributions from from various departments

Understands procurement requirements

Understands the requirement of procurement policies and regulations

Performs basic operations using existing IT tools (uploading data, preparing tender documentation, etc.)

Identifies the various steps of the procurement life-cycle, with a focus on risks and opportunities

Gathers information for procurement planning, taking into account the organisational goals and priorities

Prepares procurement plans

Conducts research on the impact of procurement policies and regulations

Assesses the transparency of procurement processes through existing IT tools

Applies the knowledge of procurement life-cycles to ensure optimal utilisation of resources

Prepares procurement plan and makes recommendations for the timeline

Contributes to creation of procurement policies

Contributes to the creation of public procurement policies for an organisation

Investigates loopholes and bottlenecks in the IT tools and suggests improvements

Guides others in implementing procedures across the procurement life-cycle

Monitors implementation of the procurement plan, taking into account risks and uncertainties

Oversees procurement policies

Promotes the adoption of new and evolving public procurement policies

Informs the development of new IT tools and advocates for the same

Oversees all phases of the procurement life-cycle, while anticipating risks and opportunities

Resolves procurement issues and acts as a reference point for high-level policymakers