Quality Assurance Management

Designs and manages QA systems to ensure adult and active-learning practices are incorporated into learning management systems through continuous process improvements.



Competency Area

Learning Management Systems


Understands QA systems

Recognises the need for quality assurance (QA) systems in online instruction

Understands the role of QA systems (decision-making, strategic planning, etc.)

Gathers information on QA frameworks that integrate active-learning practices

Interprets QA as a tool for continuous process improvements

Supports development of QA systems

Supports development of QA systems, taking into account the mission and vision of the organisation

Creates a workflow for QA testing, keeping in mind stakeholder requirements

Identifies key components of a QA system, based on the instructional content (grammar, interactivity, etc.)

Instills learning and instructional theories into the development of QA systems

Designs QA systems

Designs QA systems that integrate adult and active-learning practices

Adapts QA workflows, keeping in mind stakeholder requirements

Determines the indicators for QA testing (sequence of content, text positioning, visual guides, etc.)

Applies learning and instructional theories to QA workflows

Manages QA systems

Expands QA systems, taking into account the number of learners

Evaluates QA workflows against a learning objectives and outcomes

Manages QA systems across the course life-cycle, keeping in mind different stakeholders

Employs a range of instructional design methods to test QA workflows