Reflective Practice

Support, interpret, and streamline reflective practices at the workplace, to encourage professional development.



Competency Area

Professional Development


Understands and aware of reflective models

Understands the intent of reflective practice in learning and professional development environments

Aware of the reflective models and the 5 Rs of reflective practice (reacting, recording, reviewing, revising, reworking, reassessing)

Distinguishes between reflection as a learning versus evaluative process

Supports reflective practices

Supports the use of individual and collective reflective practices at the workplace

Documents trends and evolving models of reflective practice

Interprets reflective practice as a tool for practice-based professional learning

Proposes reflective practices

Establishes linkages between reflective practices and action learning at the workplace

Proposes reflective practices to encourage accountability within the organisation

Applies experiential learning models to professional development endeavours

Promotes a culture of reflective practice

Streamlines feedback processes that incorporate reflective models and practices

Encourages the use of reflective practices in harnessing innovation, engagement, and self-development

Promotes a culture of reflective practice to translate professional experiences into practice strategies