Tax Risk Management

Review tax risk frameworks to ensure risks are minimised and managed properly



Competency Area



Assist to ascertain tax risk areas

Extract tax and tax- related information for analysis to assist in monitoring tax risks

Comply with tax controls and policies to aid monitoring of tax risks

Identify and follow-up on Non-compliances

Ascertain tax risks areas and management measures

Analyse secondary information gathered on tax and tax-related developments to draft tax risks reports

Analyse internal monitoring reports on developments that may have impact on tax risks

Apply controls to aid tax risk management through understanding of risk trigger factors

Review plans and measures to mitigate tax-related risks

Analyse reports on business operations and external developments locally and internationally

Identify critical areas and trigger points that may have an impact on the client’s or organisation’s tax risks

Gather information from external sources to gain awareness and understanding of emerging issues that may impact on tax risks

Analyse key elements in draft tax policies, guidelines that have tax risks implications

Evaluate tax environment and tax risk framework for effective oversight

Review analyses and evaluate tax risks management reports

Identify the latest tax and tax-related developments locally and/or internationally and the possible impact to the client’s or organisation’s risk levels

Identify the key tax issues and latest developments to ascertain key tax risks areas to the business

Advise measures to overall manage the organisation’s tax risks

Evaluate reports and the overall business operations and strategies from a tax perspective

Advise the critical areas and risks trigger points

Review analyses and recommendations on draft tax policies and guidelines that have impact on tax risks