Tax Controversy Management

Respond to tax queries from the authorities with completeness, relevance and accuracy



Competency Area



Draft responses to manage tax controversies

Gather data to prepare draft response

Evaluate business processes and/or decisions to draft response

Ensure right citations and knowledge resources

Assess appropriateness of responses to tax authorities

Prepare response for queries that cover multiple tax issues

Review responses to straightforward tax queries

Able to give opinions backed by appropriate citations

Approve responses to manage tax controversies

Finalise responses to tax authorities

Approve responses by ensuring completeness, relevance and accuracy

Interpret the citations given sharply and sift through material to pick the right arguments

Manage tax controversies

Evaluate appropriateness, completeness and risk level of the responses

Evaluate existing policies, guidelines and procedures in managing tax controversies

Anticipate internal and external changes that may lead to tax controversies