Sustainability Management

Plan, develop and roll out of an organisation-wide sustainability strategy. This includes the assessment of the organisation's utilisation and/or consumption of energy and other resources, vis-a-vis the availability and stability of supply sources and external best practices and standards in sustainability. This also includes the on-going monitoring and tracking of energy and/or resource-consumption over time, to identify impact on the organisation's internal and external environment as well as potential improvements in energy- or resource- efficiency.



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Optimise utilisation

Identify ICT energy trends that could impact the organisation

Monitor the organisation's utilisation of energy and other resources against availability of supply sources and external standards

Identify gaps, issues, or critical areas for energy conservation

Address energy efficiency gaps, and implement sustainability practices

Analyse ICT energy trends and findings, and potential impact on organisation practices

Evaluate organisation's energy utilisation in relation to broader supply availability, stability and external trends and standards

Identify significant impact of energy or improvement in energy and resource efficiency

Propose possible solutions, tools or technologies that can enhance effectiveness of the organisation's utilisation of energy and resources

Implement action plan and solutions in line with the organisation’s sustainability strategy

Oversee proper utilisation of approved tools, technologies and methodologies to optimise energy and resource utilisation

Monitor compliance with sustainability practices, processes and standards in the organisation

Establish an organisation- wide sustainability strategy

Review global sustainability trends, and their potential impact on the organisation

Integrate industry best practices in green ICT with internal business requirements to develop an organisation-wide sustainability strategy

Review analysis of the organisation's energy resource-utilisation patterns in the organisation

Assess suitability and recommend appropriate tools or technologies to incorporate into the organisation’s practices

Define action plans to address sustainability gaps and detail solutions to improve energy and resource efficiency in line with organisation’s sustainability strategy

Assess level of compliance with sustainability practices and standards in the organisation

Define follow up actions or modifications to sustainability practices where required