Succession Planning

Develop succession strategies for critical roles in alignment with organisation’s strategic direction and priorities



Competency Area

Human Capital Management


Uses models and methods for managing succession

Market trends and developments impacting succession management

Organisational policies and procedures related to succession planning

Links between succession planning and organisational strategy

Principles of succession management

Tools and techniques used to review succession planning strategies

Implement succession planning strategies

Implement succession planning strategies according to overall plan

Educate stakeholders on the importance of succession planning

Identify feeder positions for leadership roles within the organisation

Identify successors for critical leadership positions in the organisation

Create development and retention plans catered to identified successors

Document activities of succession plans to be carried out

Evaluate implications of future business demands on critical roles

Integrate succession plans into talent management programmes

Identify potential improvements and enhancements to the succession planning strategies

Review succession planning records and reports

Implement best in class developments related to succession management

Establish succession planning strategies in line with organisational objectives

Determine ways to plan for critical roles internally or externally

Consult key stakeholders to identify critical leadership roles for succession planning

Assess the organisation’s vulnerability based on the critical roles identified

Monitor implementation of succession planning activities throughout the organisation

Review the effectiveness of succession planning

Monitor emerging market trends that may impact the succession management programmes

Develop succession planning strategies

Policies and procedures that may impact succession planning within the organisation

Relevant industry codes of practice related to succession management

Organisation's future business and people agenda

External sources of senior talent pool

Statistical analysis tools and techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of succession planning