Public-Private-Individual Partnership Collaboration

Manage contracts between private entities and public agencies to maximise financial and operational performance and minimise risks



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Build public-private- partnerships

Develop contract structures that deliver the best value for money and provide sufficient business opportunities for bidders

Review performance measures and monitoring systems to drive accountability and facilitate decisions for future re-contracting

Review the nature of each deal to identify potential risks and contingencies

Develop strategies to manage contingent workforce and gig economy jobs

Legal terms and contractual agreements

Able to use and cite Public-private-individual partnership recommended policies

Recommend and use the right financial management principles

Uses the principles of Risk mitigation and applies accordingly

Uses the entire applicable legal and regulatory framework to own advantage

Anticipate benefits and risks of each deal and extract the best value of each deal

Formulate structures to evaluate deals, tenders, contracts and documentation policies

Drive balance between managing bidders and being an advocate for public agencies

Drive appropriate performance measures and monitor systems to evaluate performance of bidders

Lead and anticipate complexity of the nature of each deal to identify all potential risks and contingencies

Review strategies to manage contingent workforce and gig economy jobs