Leadership Development

Build a culture of strong leadership and drive initiatives to facilitate the development of leadership capabilities in the organisation



Competency Area

Human Capital Management


Build the organisation’s leadership culture and identity

Translate leadership identity and principles into learning and development programmes

Develop leadership development initiatives

Oversee implementation of leadership development initiatives

Set up systems and practices that empower leaders to lead and coach others

Communicate organisational policies relevant to leadership development to leaders

Evaluate the effectiveness of leadership development initiatives

Propose improvements to enhance effectiveness of leadership development programmes

Drive leadership development initiatives

Develop leadership development plans and frameworks within the organisation

Align leadership development initiatives to organisation’s objectives

Incorporate trends impacting leadership development into leadership framework

Secure buy-in from key stakeholders on leadership development initiatives

Promote leadership accountability across organisation

Establish the criteria and measures to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership development initiatives

Evaluate the impact of leadership development initiatives on business performance

Evangelize a system of creating Leadership Values

Identify values that are essential for leadership within the organisation

Embed ways and means to create a sense predictability over leader succession in a transparent manner

Constantly scout for the best talent for the organisation - internal and external