Coaching and Mentoring

Develop and implement coaching and mentoring approaches to address learner developmental needs



Competency Area

Learning Delivery


Implement coaching and mentoring models

Document developmental gaps and opportunity areas based on learner inputs

Develop individual development plans

Collaborate with learners to set goals

Define specific development areas

Implement coaching and mentoring models and methods to facilitate learner development

Deploy tools to track learner development

Provide actionable feedback to learners in relation to achievement of development areas

Maintain documentation of coaching and mentoring provided to learners

Ensure that coaching and mentoring approaches are aligned to legal and ethical standards

Direct development of coaching and mentoring approaches

Define objectives of providing coaching and mentoring based on desired outcomes

Define principles for developing individual development plans

Devise coaching and mentoring guidelines aligned to desired outcomes

Determine coaching and mentoring models and strategies to be deployed

Outline methods and tools to be deployed in tracking learner development

Determine measures to assess coaching and mentoring effectiveness

Analyse feedback provided to learners to identify trends and improvement areas

Evaluate key success indicators to determine effectiveness of coaching and mentoring approaches and processes

Recommend improvements to enhance coaching and mentoring approaches

Create a Culture of Coaching and Mentoring

Embed supporting culture of mentoring by appointing role models as mentors

Ensure feedback from external support systems (mentors, coaches, consultants etc) is understood and used appropriately

Able to utilize the coaches and mentors to enable development of culture