Public Health Ethics

Document, support, and apply public health ethics for decision-making processes, while prioritising the role of cultural, social, and behavioural factors associated with ethics.



Competency Area

Public Health


Aware of ethical theories and concepts

Understands the history of ethics and its role in public health

Aware of major ethical theories and concepts relevant for public health

Recognises the foundational skills required for public health ethics (decision-making, building trust, etc.)

Documents ethical guidelines

Documents ethical guidelines for public health using a range of sources

Categorises ethical theories and concepts based on the discourses they are derived from (legal, economic, etc.)

Interprets public health policies and programmes, keeping in mind the principles of ethical practice

Supports ethical decision-making

Supports ethical decision-making in public health situations, using ethical frameworks

Analyses ethical tensions between community health and rights of individuals

Investigates the values of diverse stakeholders when conducting needs assessments for public health policies

Applies public health ethics

Prioritises the role of cultural, social, and behavioural factors public health ethics

Applies public health ethics to manage self, others, information and resources

Advocates for ethical practice in public health, taking into account ethical dilemmas related to population health and well-being