Vaccine Supplies and Logistics

Oversee, review and manage vaccine supplies and logistics systems to ensure efficient distribution of vaccines in order to prevent and control vaccine-preventable diseases.



Competency Area

Public Health


Understands logistic management systems

Lists the composition of vaccine, its purpose, and concerns in maintaining potency and efficacy of vaccine (such as glass vial, stopper, pre-filled syringe, additives, adjuvant, allergens, etc.) and the effect of temperature on potency and efficacy of the vaccine

Understands the importance of protocols/standard operating procedures for vaccination storage, handling, and transportation based on national and state guidelines

Describes the components of a logistics management system and its link with requirements during its life-cycle (end users, planners, managers etc.)

Documents information and system processes

Documents information on vaccine products and packaging options

Identifies gaps in existing vaccine supply systems, processes, and workflows through periodic assessments

Documents case studies/best practices on application of information systems in vaccine supply systems

Reviews gaps and Proposes solutions

Proposes dialogue and consultation between the public sector (ministry/departments/PSUs) and vaccine manufacturers about suitable vaccine product attributes

Reviews technological and management solutions for temperature monitoring as part of quality control processes

Proposes selection, acquisition, and deployment of digital/IoT solutions to upgrade national and state supply chain systems towards the efficient distribution of vaccines

Leads partnership and process development

Streamlines tools and processes available to assess trade-offs in vaccine product profiles to inform procurement decisions

Manages and monitors logistic management information system towards improved forecast of vaccine supplies and performance management of logistics

Prioritizes innovation in energy, materials and processes to minimize environmental impact of supply systems