Health Emergency Detection and Assessment

Categorise, asses, and oversee health risk assessments to detect the results and implications of a public health threat, while communicating with relevant stakeholders



Competency Area

Public Health Emergency Preparedness


Understands significance of response capabilities

Understands the implications of national/international public health alerts

Describes the significance of response capabilities in an emergency (incident recognition, risk characterisation, etc.)

Aware of the legal measures and parameters available during an emergency

Categorises health risks

Gathers information on national/international public health alerts and their relevance to Indian rules and regulations

Categorises health risks based on the current and potential consequences for human health

Demonstrates knowledge of national/international laws on surveillance and reporting of communicable and non-communicable diseases

Assesses health risks

Applies event-based and indicator-based surveillance systems to detect health threats

Assess risk for communicable and noncommunicable diseases using national/international assessments

Identifies relevant stakeholders involved in the results and implications of risk assessments

Oversees national/international risk assessments

Evaluates, as rapidly as possible, the (possibly novel) agents responsible for a disease outbreak and their epidemiological characteristics

Oversees national/international risk assessments and continuously reviews the situation as further information becomes available

Communicates the results and implications of risk assessments to relevant stakeholders