Public Health Resource Management

Identify, allocate, and manage resources for public health projects, policies, and schemes, to ensure health outcomes are achieved in a timely manner.



Competency Area

Public Health


Understands and documents public health resources

Understands the role of key resources - financial and human - in relation to health outcomes

Aware of the various means through which resources can be accessed (bidding, grants, etc.)

Documents appropriate sources of information on health outcomes, including community assets and resources

Identifies resources for public health

Defines health-related priorities, using varying resource assumptions

Identifies sources of funding and/or other resources for public health

Supports mobilisation of health projects, policies, and schemes through community resources

Allocates resources towards public health

Evaluates health-related priorities to maximise outcomes based on available resources

Mediates between differing interests in the pursuit of health and well-being, while allocating resources

Allocates resources to support key health projects, policies, and schemes

Manages resources for public health

Prioritises resources towards clear strategic goals and objectives

Secures sources of funding and/or other resources

Manages finances and other resources within existing health projects, policies, and schemes