Education for Health and wellbeing- Programme Implementation

Describe, develop and review implementation plans to educate and influence beliefs, practices and norms of school systems and local communities with an objective to ensure children and young people have access to safe, inclusive and health-promoting learning environments



Competency Area

Public Health


Understands programme objective and implementation process

Understands the linkages between a safe school environment and quality education and learning.

Describes programme implementation process and factors (such as interactions with actors, identifying interest groups, resources prioritization, Scheduling, review and monitoring etc.)

Demonstrates knowledge of Theory of Change and Logical Framework to outline causal linkages between goals, outcomes and outputs of the programme

Develops implementation plans

Synthesises research-based strategies towards program implementation plans (such as best practices, stakeholder engagement plans etc.)

Documents local context-specific variables (such as community norms, behavioural bottlenecks, local influencers etc.) to guide the implementation process

Develops programme implementation plans that indicate tasks, stakeholders and challenges and identifies the activities and corresponding indicators to prepare the basis for program

Oversees implementation

Proposes modifications to implementation plans by reviewing and analysing performance indicators

Drives program implementation while coordinating resource mobilisation and responsibilities allocation among program team and stakeholders

Review key indicators to track implementation progress and prioritises local context and know-how in implementation processes