Emergency risk communication

Support, streamline, and evaluate emergency risk communication strategies to communicate risk in a timely manner, while building trust amongst affected populations.



Competency Area

Public Health Emergency Preparedness


Understands risk communication for public health

Understands the purpose of risk communication for public health emergencies, keeping in mind communication inequalities

Describes existing national and international emergency risk communication (ERC) plans, guidelines, and recommendations

Lists the various public health stakeholders involved in ERC

Defines and identifies public health emergency stakeholders

Defines ERC through cultural and social contexts, key principles, and existing public health structures

Documents best practices and trends on communication capabilities during public health emergencies

Identifies key partners and stakeholders across public health emergency stakeholders in India (ministries, apex bodies, civil society organisations, etc.)

Supports preparation of risk communication mechanisms

Incorporates cultural and social contexts into ERC channels, to build trust amongst affected populations

Supports preparation of various communication mechanisms (interpersonal, mass media, mid media, etc.)

Enlists relevant stakeholders and partners required for an ERC

Streamlines ERC

Prioritises the use of data gathering mechanisms to understand and monitor informational needs of affected populations

Streamlines templates for ERC communication, taking into account the National Risk Communication Plan (2016)

Oversees communication across relevant public health emergency stakeholders

Evaluates and advocates for ERC strategies

Integrates government priorities with community interests and concerns with regards to ERCs

Evaluates ERC strategies to ensure risk is communicated in an accurate, transparent, and timely manner

Advocates for multidisciplinary communication exercises with public health emergency stakeholders

Cultivates a culture of dynamic listening to understand evolving interests and concerns with regards to a public health emergency