Health Research Proposal Development

Define, develop, and evaluate healthcare research proposals, to investigate challenges that may arise while identifying areas of interest in public health.



Competency Area

Evidence-based Practice


Understands terms and concepts

Defines the purpose of healthcare research proposals through key terms and concepts

Differentiates healthcare research from similar healthcare practices and concepts

Lists key stakeholders involved in developing a research proposal (researcher, principal investigator, sponsor, etc.)

Conducts literature reviews

Discusses characteristics and assumptions of types of healthcare research (qualitative, quantitative, mix-methods, etc.)

Conducts literature reviews to underpin areas of interest towards research questions

Identifies needs and expectations of stakeholders involved in developing a research proposal

Develops research questions

Determines various elements required for translating the research proposal into practice

Develops research questions keeping in mind its key features (specific, concise, adequately resourced, etc.)

Coordinates with stakeholders on what to include/exclude from research proposals

Evaluates research design

Evaluates research design in proposals using key elements like existing literature, research questions, ethical issues, etc.

Incorporates ethical approvals into the research proposal

Advocates for communication of research findings keeping in mind the needs and expectations of stakeholders

Promotes research governance processes

Promotes research governance processes and concepts to in developing healthcare research proposals

Assess research proposals to ensure they are aligned with current research issues in healthcare

Publicises research proposals through healthcare conferences, written publications, and other relevant forums