Procedural Compliance - RTI matters

Demonstrates knowledge, applies, and guides others on RTI matters to maintain procedural compliance, provide reasonable assistance to persons seeking information, and situate the act within a larger good governance framework



Competency Area

Office Management


Applies RTI procedures

Demonstrates knowledge and application of RTI procedures, specific to information requests, receipts, transfers, and records

Recognises key stakeholders and institutional structures/processes in the RTI process, as laid out in the RTI Act, Section 41(b) (APIO, appellate authority, etc.)

Responds and disposes information requests within the stipulated time period to concerned section/department and makes appeals to FAA

Maintains updated practical knowledge on the RTI act through official trainings, circulars, parliament notices, etc

Situates RTI within good governance

Answers questions and provides reasonable assistance to persons seeking information under the RTI act

Seeks information from officers in other departments and sections to ensure delivery of complete reply

Scrutinises information sought for by application and/or received by concerned section/department for exemptions applicable under Section 8,9, or 24 of the RTI Act

Interprets and situates RTI within the broader good governance framework through updated knowledge on the Act

Advocates for information disclosures

Reviews and anticipates requests from persons seeking information under the RTI act and renders reasonable assistance to them

Prepares weekly and annual statements using RTI records, information provided from other departments and section to examine the status of proactive disclosures in the public authority

Guides others on the procedures for making complaints and appeals against compensation, penalties imposable by Information Commission, and exemptions

Advocates for information disclosures within the department and amongst the public