Coordination in coursed related work and stenographic assistance

Assisting in schedule, organize and coordinate various training programmes with the officer and taking dictation and transcribed them.

Collaboration / Bilateral agreements / Cooperation in the field of Water Resources with Foreign countries including signing of memoranda of understanding.

Obtaining in-principle approval of the Department of Water Resources, RD & GR for the State Government projects seeking external assistance from Multilateral Banks/ Foreign Funding agencies after getting them examined by Central Water Commission and other concerned Organizations at the PPR and DPR stage.

Write notes in accordance with guidelines listed in Manual of Office Procedures

Draft minutes of meetings

Arrange papers in prescribed order

Coordinate and arrange for meetings among senior officers, between representatives of departments, various stakeholders, etc,

Inform/update stakeholders about approved course of action

Draft memos for internal and external stakeholders as per guidelines listed in the Manual of Office Procedures

Lead technology / IT integration-related engagements of ABDM with all involved/interested entities in that state/UT (ex: govt. programs, service providers, insurance companies, HMIS/LIMS applicaitons, telemedicine service providers etc.)

Manage end-to-end onboarding of stakeholders form the existing healthcare ecosystem in the state/UT onto ABDM - with respect to integration of the respective systems with ABDM IT platform

Leverage ABDM/NHA recommeded guidelines, Sandbox integration FAQs and other relevant documentation to develop a relevant, state-specific integration stragy and implement it such that potential integrators are given the necessary support in terms of handholding and troubleshooting wherever necessary.

Monitor uptake and utilization of the ABDM ecosystem by the integrated entities / stakeholders and ensure timely resolution of any technology-related challenges hampering this uptake and use of the ABDM platform

Set-up and manage teams within the state implementation agency such as a 24/7 helpdesk/call center and grievance redressal system with focus on state-specific context (ex: support in vernacular language)

Maintain and supervise a systematic issue-escalation and resolution mechanism such that transparency and timely mitigation is ensured

Set-up and oversee business processes to ensure consistent communication channel with NHA/ABDM teams (product management, software development, etc.) such that state-specific issues can be raised, escalated and resolved in a timely manner

Identify implications of state and central-govt. driven acts/bills/guidelines on the ABDM IT infrastructure being set-up at the state level and ensure necessary compliance

Set-up and implement processes to conduct IT compliance related audits and checks to ensure idenficiation and mitigation of vulnerabilties

Actively participating in class discussions.

maintain rosters, writing of CRs / issue of leave memos in respect of Postman and MTS staff including GDS

Budget Analysis

Read, interpret, and evaluate budget documents to understand and evaluate the underlying intent of a budgetary policy.

Project Quality Management

Understand and apply the three processes of project quality management (quality planning, assurance, and control) in monitoring project metrics against goals, to ensure continuous improvements.

Project Resource Planning

Develop and assess project resource plans to ensure optimal resource utilisation.

Project Scoping

Develop project scope statements that include key activities, resource, timelines, and deliverables, to ensure the project is accomplished in a timely manner.

Project After Action Review (AAR)

Plan, conduct and assess the lessons learned from past successes and setbacks around a particular project with the goal of improving future performance

Stakeholder Management

Effectively build, engage, sustain, and manage relationships with stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes for short-term and long-term objectives.


Support, prepare, forecast, and manage the budget for a specific organisation, period of time and/or project, in order to create a financial plan.

Technology roadmapping

Understand, recognise, design, and visualise a technology roadmap to plan for new and existing technology-focused solutions in the government.

Artificial Intelligence Application

Understand and apply artificial intelligence (AI) to technological artifacts, while assessing its benefits and challenges.

Change Management

Understands, contributes and drives the implementation of change management processes required for effectively supporting, planning, implementing, evaluating and sustaining change.

Commitment to the Organisation

Aligns behaviours and interests with the needs and goals of the organisation.

Internet of Things Management

Understand, identify, interpret, and develop IoT solutions towards pre-determined objectives, and improve existing processes.

Emerging Technology

Knowledge of developments and new applications of emerging technologies and their benefits, challenges, and applications to government processes.

Gender Sensitivity

Knowledge and application of theoretical and practical approaches to developing and sustaining gender sensitivity processes required for gender mainstreaming.

Project Integration

Identify, define, combine and coordinate different processes and activities with project management process groups.

Project Risk Identification

Identify, prepare and assess for internal and external risk impacting the project using a situational analysis framework to mitigate negative effects and maximise positive effects for project success.

Applied Statistics

The collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of data, using statistical tools, with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of policies

Environmental Planning

Identify, assess and recommend future actions and development proposals that have environmental implications to improve the quality of the environment and the health and welfare of people

Scenario Planning

Understand and develop scenario plans to anticipate and solve for risks and uncertainties the Indian government might face, while managing social interests and government priorities.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Demonstrates knowledge of environmental impact assessments in order to oversee and administer EIA processes that help determine the environmental impact of a proposed activity/project.

Public Sector Transformation and Innovation

Recognises and leverages the need for innovations that will systematically transform the public sector in India, by converting challenges into opportunities for change.

Environmental Legislation

Understand and demonstrate knowledge in the interpretation and application of environmental legislations in India, to ensure environmental protection and conservation in the short, medium, and long-term.

Institutional Governance

Applies institutional governance frameworks to strengthen state capacity, while focusing on transparent and accountable public sector governance and institutions.

Programme Implementation

Describe, draft, and develop programme implementation plans, to achieve predetermined outcomes, objectives, and long-term goals.

Gender and Environment

Understand, define, and advocate for issues located at the gender-environment intersection, with a focus on identifying and addressing gender gaps in environmental impact management.


Belief in own capability to accomplish a task and being able to express confidence in dealing with challenging circumstances, without being arrogant or boastful.

Voluntary Exit Management

Establish and implement frameworks, guidelines, policies and processes to manage voluntary exits

Workplace Learning Delivery

Implement workplace learning delivery approaches and solutions to drive performance improvement

Attention to Detail

Having an underlying drive to being thorough and meticulous and to comply with procedures, rules, guidelines, and standards. Digs deeper and strives to reduce uncertainties and errors.

Technology Integration

Integrate new and emerging technology products, services and developments to enhance human resource (HR) operations and service delivery

Taking Accountability

Takes ownership for outcomes (successes or failures) while addressing performance issues fairly and promptly.

Total Rewards Philosophy Development

Establish organisation-wide total rewards philosophy, strategies and mechanisms for various employee groups to incentivise the desired behaviours

Talent Management

Drive talent management strategies and programmes to identify, develop, review and retain talent to meet the current and future organisational needs

Technology-enabled Learning Delivery

Implement and integrate learning technology to facilitate learning experiences

Strategic Thinking

Ability to understand the dynamic internal and external environment and its impact. Responds to the opportunities and challenges for the betterment of the society.

Rail Operations Control Management

Manage rail operations and control to achieve and enhance rail service continuity and reliability

Organisational Awareness

Understanding of the organisation’s mandate, structure, policies, processes, norms and its interface with other organisations. It also includes an understanding of the organisation’s informal structures, power dynamics, and constraints.

Rail Operations Enhancement Management

Formulate rail operations strategies built on rail systems fundamentals, principles and knowledge to drive enhancement of service operations and performance excellence

Workplace Performance Diagnosis

Assess workplace, organisational and industry context to drive workplace performance

Passenger Train Operations

Operate passenger train and respond to degraded and emergency train operations in accordance to regulatory and organisational requirements

Leading Others

Ability to engage, energise and enable the team to excel.


Consistently behaves in an open, fair, and transparent manner; honours one’s commitments; and works to uphold the Public Service Values.

Cabin Hygiene and Cleanliness

Perform in-flight cleaning to maintain cabin hygiene and cleanliness according to organisational standards

Ground Support Equipment Safety Audit Inspections

Perform safety audit inspections on Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to ensure they are functioning according to specifications of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and established safety standards

Risk Management

Develop and implement risk management plans to support the continuity of business operations and services

Wildlife Hazard Management

Manage wildlife within and around the airports to prevent wildlife strikes

Recruitment Channel Management

Evaluate recruitment methods to establish the most effective channels in sourcing, selecting and securing candidates

Engineering Contract Management

Analyse and develop tender requirements to define engineering contract structures, terms and financials

Baggage Lost and Found Operations

Provide quality services and execute appropriate actions to ensure timely delivery and recovery of lost baggage

Aircraft Take-Off Operations

Perform take-off roll in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure safe take-off operations

Project Management

Plan and manage all aspects of a project, including allocation of people resources, budget and time management, stakeholder engagement and problem resolution

Airfield Specialised Systems Maintenance and Design

Maintain and enhance airfield specialised systems to meet operational requirements of the airports

Runway Safety

Ensure safe airside operations to prevent runway incursions, excursions and confusions

Talent Capability Assessment

Develop talent assessment processes with assessment tools to evaluate employees’ capabilities

Cargo Load Planning

Develop cargo load plans to ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Manage stakeholder expectations and relationships through effective communication, negotiation and alignment of their needs with the organisation's or human resource (HR) objectives

Flight Disruptions and Irregular Operations Management

Execute and develop plans to manage flight disruptions and irregular airline operations

Strategic Workforce Planning

Develop workforce strategies and plans to determine the manpower and capabilities needed for the future

Selection Management

Facilitate the development and implementation of selection strategies and processes to recruit suitable candidates for the organisation

Skills Framework Adoption

Drive the adoption, integration and implementation of Skills Frameworks and their components in business and human resources activities throughout the organisation

FRACing process

Understanding and implementing the competency-driven engagement (C-DE) and FRACing processes, which look at the mapping of roles, activities, competencies, and knowledge resources for every position in the government.

Operational Excellence

Analyse the effectiveness of human resource (HR) operations, programmes and initiatives, and recommend improvement actions

Learning Technology Design

Design learning technologies to enhance learning experience and delivery


Facilitate onboarding programmes to enable the integration and engagement of new hires into the organisation

Conceptual Thinking

Understanding a situation or environment by putting the pieces together and identifying patterns that may not be obviously related. Connecting the dots while resisting stereotyping.

Initiative and Drive

Contributing more than what is expected in the job, refusing to give up when faced with challenges, and finding or creating new opportunities.

Organisational Impact Analysis

Assess the impact of learning solutions and interventions on organisation's desired outcomes and identify ways to enhance learning effectiveness

Performance Management

Establish organisation-wide performance management strategies to facilitate performance management, including identification of key performance indicators and employee performance assessment

Organisational Change Management

Establish change management strategies and policies to plan and facilitate the transition of employees, resources, business processes and operations to a desired end state in a manner that is seamless, sustainable and aligned with business objectives

Organisational Event Management

Plan and manage the execution of organisation-wide and external events, including pre- and post-event activities

Organisational Strategising

Making management decisions to establish, review and refine strategic organisational objectives and policies through collation and analysis of relevant organisational and business information

Organisation Management

Oversee and manage centre operations to drive operational excellence

Seeking Information

An underlying curiosity to know more about things, people, or issues. This includes ‘digging’ for exact information and keeping up-to-date with relevant knowledge.

Learner Profile Analysis

Assess learner demographics and learning styles to formulate learning design and delivery approaches

Learning and Development Programme Management

Establish and implement learning and development programmes and channels to facilitate employees' growth and capability building

Learning Strategy Development

Develop learning strategy and philosophy to drive business performance

Learning Solution Design

Design and evaluate learning solutions which drive performance enhancement

Learning Space Design

Design learning environments aligned with desired learning experiences and outcomes

Learning Experience Evaluation

Assess overall learning experiences to measure effectiveness and drive excellence across all learning activities

Learning Mode Design

Assess, design and integrate suitable learning modes to drive desired learning experiences

Learning and Development Strategy

Drive a learning and development culture with strategies to build the organisation's workforce capability

Learning Experience Delivery

Drive learning delivery activities to facilitate learning experiences, knowledge transfer and skills application

Consultation and Consensus Building

Ability to identify the stakeholders and influencers, seek their views and concerns through formal and informal channels. Build consensus through dialogue, persuasion, reconciliation of diverse views/interests and trusting relationships.

Decision Making

Makes timely decisions that take into account relevant facts, tasks, goals, constraints, risks and conflicting points of view.


Delegates responsibility with the appropriate level of autonomy so that others are free to innovate and take the lead.

Result Orientation

High drive for achieving targets and competing against a standard of excellence.

Ground Support Equipment Operations

Operate Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to provide ramp/technical ramp services to turn around aircraft according to flight schedules

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system

Scheduling and Slot Coordination

Develop and manage airline schedules and slots by applying optimisation techniques

Third Rail Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of third rail system

Cabin Crew Performance Management

Manage cabin crew performance to ensure quality of service delivery meets organisational standards

Signalling Auxiliary Devices and Equipment Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of signalling auxiliary devices and equipment

Engineering Standards Audit and Assessment

Assess engineering project documentation and outcomes to ensure compliance with established standards

Station Air-Conditioning Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of station air-conditioning systems

Rolling Stock Propulsion Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock propulsion systems

Signal Interlocking Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of signal interlocking systems

Airfield Civil Infrastructure Maintenance and Design

Maintain and enhance airfield civil infrastructure to meet operational requirements of the airports

Rolling Stock On-board Control Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock on-board control systems

Rolling Stock Power Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock power systems

Cargo Tracking Systems Administration

Administer and enhance cargo tracking systems to monitor cargo movements during flights and transhipments

Service Branding and Coaching

Develop strategies to enhance the organisation’s service brand and value proposition

Standard Operating Procedures Development

Implement and develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and enforce compliance with SOPs

Flight Dispatch

Plan and execute flight dispatch activities and identify dispatch issues to ensure optimal and safe flights

Rolling Stock Brake Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock brake systems

Rolling Stock Car Body Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock car body

Personnel and Equipment Operational Readiness

Maintain and enhance operational readiness of personnel and equipment to respond to emergency situations in line with established performance standards

Rolling Stock Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Ground Services Training Delivery

Manage the delivery of ground services training to ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of airlines

Rolling Stock Auxiliary Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock auxiliary systems

Market Research

Conduct market research to identify opportunities for enhancing product suites, services and revenue opportunities for the organisation

Rail Track Inspection

Plan, coordinate and perform inspection of rail tracks through on-site patrols

Service Planning and Implementation

Develop and implement strategies and plans for the service operations.

Rail Track Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rail track

Platform Screen Door Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of Platform Screen Door

Rail Grinding Vehicle Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rail grinding vehicle

Airline Marketing

Plan, develop and implement marketing concepts and campaigns for airlines to drive sales and build brand equity

Multi-function Vehicle Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of multi-function vehicle

Network Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of network systems

Baggage Loading and Unloading Administration

Manage baggage loading and unloading activities to and from the aircraft in accordance with loading plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Programme Design

Understand, develop, sustain, and promote evidence-based program design using logical frameworks and theory of change concepts.

Food and Beverage Safety, Hygiene and Security

Execute and develop food and beverage safety, hygiene and security policies and procedures to reduce safety risks and contamination

Customer Service Delivery

Anticipate customer needs and provide quality customer services as ambassadors of the airports

Aircraft Performance Management

Conduct post-flight analysis to develop optimal flight performance parameters

Rolling Stock Bogie Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of rolling stock bogie

Aircraft Load Planning

Plan aircraft loads with due consideration for regulatory requirements and safety standards

Low Voltage Power Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of low voltage power systems

Service Leadership

Champion and role model the organisation’s service vision, mission and values

Heavy Lifting Machinery Operation

Operate heavy lifting machinery and the appropriate deployment of machinery for maintenance activities

Aircraft Manual Handling

Operate aircraft to ensure smooth and safe handling during all phases of flights

High Voltage Power Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of high voltage power systems

Food and Beverage Services

Prepare and serve food and beverages to passengers according to meal sequence flow and organisational quality standards

Fire Protection Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of fire protection systems

Network Planning and Operations

Establish profitable flight networks for airlines through optimising airline fleet deployment, adjusting frequency of schedules and identifying optimal departure and arrival times

Heavy Crane Vehicle Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of heavy crane vehicle

Passenger Movement Management

Manage passenger movements to enable efficient and smooth airport operations

Engineering Train and Rolling Stock Operation

Operate engineering train, rolling stock and on-board equipment to support maintenance operations

Escalator and Travelator Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of escalator and travelator

Dangerous Goods Management

Manage handling of dangerous goods in accordance with regulatory requirements

Drainage, Plumbing and Sanitary Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of drainage, plumbing and sanitary systems

Airline Operations Management

Execute and manage operational activities to contribute to the commercial success of airlines

Emergency and Security Communication Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of emergency and security communication systems

Aircraft Dispatch

Review flight dispatch documents to identify dispatch issues and determine mission continuance

Crisis Communication and Media Management

Manage communications with the media and/or relevant stakeholders during crises to maintain a positive image of the organisation

Lift Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of lift systems

Stakeholder Management

Plan and implement strategies to build and manage constructive and positive relationships with stakeholders

Locomotive Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of locomotive

IT Quality Standards

Develop, review and communicate a clear, quality expectations and standards within an organisation that are aligned to the company's values and business objectives. This encompasses the setting and implementation of quality expectations for IT products and services delivered to both internal or external clients

Technical Analysis-Financial Securities

Apply and establish trading opportunities by using quantitative analysis generated from price and volume changes to determine decisions

Business Financial Management

Manage organisation’s short-term and long-term financial needs. This involves reviewing organisation’s financial risk position and refining the finance and financial risk philosophy of the organisation.

Product/Service Quality Assurance

Develop, implement and monitor practice of clear quality expectations and standards aligned to the organisation's values and business objectives

Security Governance & Risk Compliance

Develop and disseminate corporate security policies, frameworks and guidelines to ensure that day-to-day business operations guard or are well protected against risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Stakeholder Management- Contracts

Manage stakeholder expectations and needs by aligning those with requirements and objectives of the organisation. This involves planning of actions to effectively communicate with, negotiate with and influence stakeholders

Service Information and Results

Acquire and analyse data and information to enhance the organisation’s service performance

Automatic Fare Collection Gate Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of Automatic Fare Collection gates

Airport and Airline Economics

Analyse factors affecting the performance of airports and/or airlines operations and recommend actions for improvements

Automatic Fare Collection Sales Devices Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) sales devices

Kitchen Production Scheduling

Manage production of in-flight meals based on airline and flight requirements

Train Station Operations Management

Manage the operations of train stations to achieve rail service continuity, safety and reliability

Airport Operations Management

Manage interconnected airport functions including aircraft operations, airside activities and landside maintenance

Automatic Fare Collection Auxiliary Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) auxiliary systems

Import and Export Documentation Administration

Manage and execute documentation processes to facilitate the import and export of air cargo shipments

Train Depot Control Management

Facilitate train depot activities through effective management of depot control operations

Train Fare and Ticket Management

Implement fare and ticket management, operations and enforcement in accordance to Fares and Tickets Regulations

Financial Planning and Budget Management

Maximise cost efficiency of organisational operations through financial planning, budget management and optimisation of operations

Call Centre Management

Implement and manage call centre operations to address queries and needs of customers

Track Access Management

Monitor and facilitate track access with relevant security and protection measures at appropriate zones in accordance to organisational and regulatory requirements

Flight Planning

Plan cross-country flights according to regulatory and safety standards

Communication Power System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of communication power system

Change Management

Initiate and facilitate organisational changes and business transformation initiatives

Business Development

Identify new business opportunities to meet commercial objectives of the organisation

Communication Auxiliary Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of communication auxiliary systems

Inclement Weather Operations and Planning

Manage flight operations, airport activities and affected passengers during inclement weather conditions

Communication Backbone System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of communication backbone system

Systems Design

Design systems to meet specified business and user requirements that are compatible with established system architectures, as well as organisational and performance standards

Technology Application

Integrate technologies into business operations of the organisation to optimise efficiency and effectiveness of processes

User Interface Design

Design user interfaces for machines and software, incorporating visual, technical and functional elements that facilitate ease of access, understanding and usage. This would involve adding, removing, modifying or enhancing elements to make the user's interaction with the product as seamless as possible

Stakeholder Management

Manage stakeholder expectations to ensure continuous levels of engagement by identifying and addressing needs, setting service standards and resolving issues in accordance with organisational procedures

Strategic Planning

Develop organisational strategic plans and provide directions to the organisation

Public Health Policy Development

Document, evaluate, and develop public health policies for population health and well-being, taking into account the differing interests of stakeholders.

Public Health Surveillance

Identify, interpret, and manage data and information to monitor public health interventions, while supporting decision-making.

Airline Distribution Channel Strategies

Develop and implement distribution channel strategies to increase market reach of airlines

Public Health Evidence Collection and Analysis

Appraise, oversee, and promote the use of contextualised evidence collection and analysis in public health policies programmes, to support and inform interventions.

Process Improvement and Optimisation

Implement improvements to current processes to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of operations

Baggage Handling Operations

Manage overall baggage handling operations according to safety standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Embedded Systems Integration

Implement control systems to perform pre-defined tasks and also real-time monitoring for the real world

Aircraft Landing Operations

Initiate aircraft descent, approach and landing in accordance with procedures and Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions to ensure safe landing within the runway environment

Financial Modelling

Develop financial models and valuation models to arrive at a valuation conclusion

Embedded Systems Interface Design

Design and set up interface and interconnections from or among sensors, through a network, to a main location, to enable transmission of information

Service Branding and Coaching

Execute service brand guidelines and drive strategies to enhance the organisation’s service brands and value propositions

Enterprise Architecture

Operationalise a business strategy on the planning and development of business structures and models to facilitate the evolution of a business to its desired future state. This involves the review and prioritisation of market trends, evaluation of alternative strategies, as well as the strategic evaluation and utilisation of enterprise capability and technology to support business requirements

Manpower Planning

Develop and implement manpower plans to support strategic and operational needs

Emergency Response Planning

Plan emergency response procedures to manage incidents and accidents at the airside, terminals and landside

Customer Relationship Management

Initiate and drive activities to enhance customer relationships and brand loyalty for the organisation

Ground Handling Services and Operations Management

Identify and manage activities to process passengers, cargo, baggage and supplies for flight operations

Infrastructure Design

Establish design policies and principles covering elements of connectivity, capacity, security, access, interfacing as well as the translation of that into the specifications, outline and design of IT infrastructure within the organisation, in order to support the business requirements

Human Resource Advisory

Deliver human resource (HR) advisory and consultancy services to internal and external clients to meet their requirements

Human Resource Strategy Formulation

Establish human resource (HR) strategies and priorities that are aligned with current and future business needs

Human Resource Practices Implementation

Implement of human resource (HR) practices by integrating local and international requirements, guidelines and best practices

Flight Check-In Operations

Assist customers with flight check-in procedures to ensure a seamless and hassle-free process

Cloud Computing Application

Manage supply chains through cloud computing technologies in order to offer a collaborative framework with centralised storage and contact points, fewer visibility barriers, and opportunities to enact simplified, standardised processes

Competency Framework Development

Design and develop competency frameworks, ensuring that human resource (HR) programmes are aligned to support their application across organisation levels and functions

Data Design

Specify and create a data structure or database model, including the setting of various parameters or fields that can be modified to suit different structured or unstructured data requirements, the design of data flow, as well as the development of mechanisms for maintenance, storage and retrieval of data based on the business requirements

Emerging Technology Synthesis

Monitor, gather data and identify emerging technology trends, developments, products, services and techniques for integration. In addition, perform cost-benefit analysis and evaluation of their relevance, viability, sustainability and potential value add to the business.

Data Management

Prepare, structure and manage human resource (HR) data and information to assist in the analyses of business and HR issues

Load Control Documentation

Complete load control documents to facilitate aircraft loading

Cabin Preparation

Prepare and dress aircraft cabins for departures and ensure safety checks are carried out according to organisational standards

In-Flight Emergency Management

Administer Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) to handle in-flight emergency situations

Airport Collaborative Decision Making Model Application

Utilise the Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) model to enhance airport operations and optimise the capacity of runways, terminals, gates and airspace

Airline Representation and Station Management

Enforce ground service standards of airlines through monitoring ground service activities and building partnerships with ground handling agents

Ethical Culture

Foster strong ethical standards in accordance with the ethical principles, financial markets code of conduct, and market practices

Financial Analysis

Analyse the financial statements and data to provide insights about the financial performance and position of the organisation over time

Internet of Things Application

Implement Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to drive efficiency and effectiveness of operations

Financial Statements Analysis

Analyse financial statements in accordance with the applicable frameworks

Digital Marketing

Develop, execute and evaluate digital marketing strategies and campaigns to promote online presence and deliver value proposition through the use of various digital marketing channels and platforms

Financial Transactions

Prepare business documentation and cash balances as well as perform payments, collections and remittances in accordance with applicable frameworks and regulatory requirements

Digital Technology Environment Scanning

Evaluate the digital technology environment and the impact of digital technology development

Financial Investment Analysis

Evaluate organisations’ profitability and financial health through analysing its financial reports to determine its performance and investment suitability

Digital Technology Adoption and Innovation

Develop digital technology enhancement projects to support the organisational objectives

Inquiry-based Instruction

Discuss, investigate and designs inquiry-based learning through 5E learning cycle to induce critical high-level conceptual thinking capacity in students.

Cabin Safety Management

Assess and manage the safety of aircraft cabins through surveillance and safety checks

Digital Course Development

Design, develop and deliver an e-learning course that matches learners’ needs by incorporating effective engagement and assessments strategies to capture the level of expertise the learner as obtained from the course.

Flight Deck Communications

Communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC), flight crew members and ground personnel using Crew Resource Management (CRM) techniques, conduct flight preparation activities and set up flight decks for take-off

Service Innovation

Establish service innovation strategies and develop operating systems, policies and processes to support service excellence and innovation

Airline Revenue Management

Develop and implement pricing strategies and revenue management models to maximise airlines revenues

Behavioural Analysis and Predictive Screening

Mitigate security threats by deploying behavioural analysis and predictive screening techniques

Flight Performance Data Calculation

Maintain accurate calculation of flight performance data and assess its implications on flight paths

International Air Transport Association Safety Audit for Ground Operations Implementation

Maintain safety and reduce risks in ground handling services and operations through the implementation of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) standards

Airport Infrastructure and Facilities Maintenance and Design

Maintain and enhance airport infrastructure and facilities to meet operational and service standards of the airports

Cargo Warehousing Operations

Plan and coordinate warehousing activities to ensure efficient and safe transportation of cargo to and from aircraft

Food and Beverage Quality Audit and Assessment

Audit and assess the quality of in-flight meals to enhance food and beverage quality and safety

Project Feasibility Assessment

Assess the business environment and organisational capabilities to evaluate and determine the feasibility of a project

Programme Management

Manage multiple projects within the organisation to identify efficiencies of common policies, procedures and practices

Proposal Management

Research, strategise and draft business proposals to respond to business opportunities

Programming and Coding

Develop technical capabilities to understand, design and write instructions to be processed by computers as software programmes to achieve desired outcomes

Qualitative Analysis

Formulate research questions and hypotheses, identify qualitative data sources for analysis of securities and provide investment recommendations based on analysis

Project Management

Perform planning, organisation, monitoring and control of all aspects of an IT programme and the strategic utilisation of resources to achieve the objectives within the agreed timelines, costs and performance expectations. In addition, the identification, coordination and management of project interdependencies, ensuring alignment with and achievement of business objectives

Quality Assurance

Apply quality standards to review performance through the planning and conduct of quality assurance audits to ensure that quality expectations are upheld. This includes the analysis of quality audit results and setting of follow-up actions to improve or enhance the quality of products, services or processes

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with policies, procedures, and external regulations

Regulatory and Legal Advisory

Provide advice to business and management stakeholders on regulatory compliance and legal matters related to support business decision making

Risk Management

Identify, evaluate and manage risks by developing and implementing risk management strategies, frameworks, policies, procedures and practices

Regulatory Compliance

Develop, enforce, implement and practice regulatory compliance activities to ensure compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements

Solution Architecture

Design or refine a solution blueprint or structure to guide the development of IT solutions in hardware, software, processes or related components, to meet current and future business needs. The solution architecture developed may lead to broad or specific changes to IT services, operating models and processes, and should provide a framework to guide the development and modification of solutions

Regulatory Risk Assessment

Analyse the impact of latest global regulatory developments and relevant laws on organisation’s risk exposure and the overall financial services industry

Strategic Human Resource Management

Establish strategies, policies and principles aligned to business objectives and leverage on organisational culture to enhance integration and maximisation of employee contributions

Strategic Service Excellence

Establish strategies and operating principles to consistently meet and manage customer's expectations in order to support business requirements

Product Management

Create and manage a product roadmap, involving the ideating, planning, forecasting, marketing and management of a product or a suite of products throughout stages of its lifecycle, from its conceptualisation to market entrance and eventual phasing-out. This includes the creation of a new product idea or concept and definition of the product strategy based on a projection of its potential benefits to the customer as well as the review of product performance against milestones and targets set.

Programming and Coding

Develop technical capabilities to understand, design and write instructions to be processed by computers as software programmes to achieve desired outcomes

Project Management

Execute projects by managing stakeholder engagement, resources, budgets and resolving problems

Professional and Business Ethics

Foster strong ethical standards and resolve ethical conflicts in accordance with the relevant principles and processes

Aircraft Weight and Balance Calculation

Maintain accurate aircraft weight and balance calculations to ensure safe and efficient aircraft operations

Public Health Resource Management

Identify, allocate, and manage resources for public health projects, policies, and schemes, to ensure health outcomes are achieved in a timely manner.

Engineering Safety and Security Standards

Design and execute safety and security policies to promote safe working environments for engineering projects

Wagon Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of wagons

Baggage Services Management

Manage all baggage service operations to deliver baggage to and from aircraft

Ventilation System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of ventilation system

Video Surveillance System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of video surveillance system

Trainborne Automatic Train Control Equipment Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of trainborne Automatic Train Control equipment

Travel Information System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of travel information system

Monitoring and Surveillance

Develop and conduct checks and observations to assess adherence to statutory regulations and standards, thoroughness of compliance controls and monitor for irregular activities.

Infrastructure Strategy

Develop a robust strategy and plan for defining and managing a future-ready IT infrastructure, optimising its capacity, availability and synchronisation to enable an organisation's business operations. This involves evaluating infrastructure models and options for infrastructure components, managing infrastructure investments and facilitating the transformation toward the desired future infrastructure model

Emergency risk communication

Support, streamline, and evaluate emergency risk communication strategies to communicate risk in a timely manner, while building trust amongst affected populations.

Airside Driving

Operate vehicles at the airside and verify functionality of vehicles

Innovation Management

Manage organisation’s ability to respond to internal and external opportunities by using creativity to introduce new ideas, processes and products

Integrated System Design and Application

Manage systems of interrelated computing devices and systems, mechanical and digital machines, objects and people to allow transfer of data over the network so as to support business requirements

Human-Robot Collaboration

Implement Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) applications to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes

Ground Support Equipment Maintenance

Manage Ground Support Equipment (GSE) serviceability and availability to meet operational requirements for ground handling services and operations

Human Factors Management

Identify and mitigate risks of aviation incidents and/or accidents caused by human factors

Public Health Emergency Coordination

Coordinate and mobilise resources and responsibilities to address all aspects of a public health emergency management cycle, while ensuring consistent communication with emergency response stakeholders.

Cargo Receipt and Inspection

Process the receipt of cargo in accordance with established guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Public Health Communication

Prepare, evaluate and administer communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that affect public health outcomes

Education for Health and Wellbeing - Programme Development

Understand, develop and promote public health programs and strategies to educate and influence beliefs, practices and norms of school systems and local communities to ensure children and young people have access to safe, inclusive and health-promoting learning environments.

Service Challenges

Develop a framework to manage and mitigate service challenges and feedback from customers

Operational Risk Management

Develop and implement operational risk management strategies and structure to identify, measure, analyse, control, monitor and report on operational risks

IT Strategy

Plan, develop and communicate effective inward- and outward-facing IT strategies, solutions and action plans, driven by environment scanning and assessment of the business' future needs and long-term strategic direction. This involves devising internal management strategies and models to support and sustain IT transformations and alignment of IT investments and programmes with the strategy to optimise the business value from IT

Organisational Culture Development

Facilitate the development of the desired organisational culture in alignment with the organisation's brand and business imperatives

Knowledge Management

Drive knowledge management through establishing, maintaining and improving processes and systems

Organisational Design

Develop and facilitate the implementation of organisational design to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with stakeholders' priorities

Marketing Strategy Development

Perform market research to determine the ideal marketing strategy and positioning of products/servoces

Organisational Diagnosis

Analyse organisational state and climate to diagnose issues and identify ways to optimise organisation effectiveness

Organisational Analysis

Evaluate factors that can affect the organization’s performance as well as strategically assessing the organization’s own resources and potential for improvement

Organisational Strategy Development

Influence the organisation's business strategies from the perspective of human resource (HR) and workforce capability

Portfolio and Investment Risk Management

Manage relevant risks arising from investment and portfolio management activities to ensure compliance to regulations, investment guidelines and enabling investment objectives to be achieved

Partnership Management

Build cooperative partnerships with inter-organisational and external stakeholders and leveraging of relations to meet organisational objectives. This includes coordination and strategising with internal and external stakeholders through close cooperation and exchange of information to solve problems

Process Improvement and Optimisation

Establish systems to discover critical processes and maximise these processes to achieve maximum efficiency in accordance with organisation procedures

Performance Management

Establish organisation-wide performance management strategies to facilitate performance management, including identification of key performance indicators and employee performance assessment

Trackside Automatic Train Control Equipment Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of Trackside Automatic Train Control equipment

Train Supervisory System Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of train supervisory system

Track Tamping Vehicle Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance activities of track tamping vehicle


Identify and establish industry stakeholder relationships at all levels of business operations to further the organisation’s strategies and objectives

Operational Excellence

Analyse the effectiveness of human resource (HR) operations, processes and initiatives, and recommend improvement actions

Health Research Data Analysis

Applies public health tools and techniques to analyse public health data, to recommend specific actions towards improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities.

Airport Audit and Compliance

Audit airport operations to ensure alignment with world-class airport standards

Environmental Audits (EA)

Assess the environmental operations and procedures (for businesses, governments, or utility companies) to ensure compliance with environmental standards and suggest corrective measures accordingly

Reflective Practice

Support, interpret, and streamline reflective practices at the workplace, to encourage professional development.

Cabin Loading Activities

Implement cabin loading procedures to facilitate safe and efficient loading and storage of food, beverages and in-flight meals on aircraft


Understand microeconomic theory along with its applications and develop proficiency in econometric tools with the aim of designing effective policies

Operational Excellence

Analyse the effectiveness of human resource (HR) operations, processes and initiatives, and recommend improvement actions

Airport Safeguarding and Security

Develop and execute airport safety and security policies to promote a safe working environment and passenger experience

Research Data Management

Identify, evaluate and present public health data to provide practical insights towards improving public health systems and supporting decision-making processes.

Transport Management System Administration

Manage and administer process enforcement, analytics, and optimization of Transport Management System (TMS) for moving freight in all modes, including intermodal movements

Service Excellence

Develop a service framework to manage and address service challenges as well as collaborate with relevant partners to deliver service excellence

Account Management

Manage, maintain and grow the sales and relationships with a specific customer or set of accounts. This includes in-depth customer engagement, relationship-building and provision of quality solutions and service to address customers' needs efficiently and generate revenue.


Prepare, contribute, and oversee procurement policies across their life-cycle, while identifying and solving bottlenecks through IT and other tools.

Behavioural Finance

Examine the psychological, social, cognitive and emotional factors in investment

Fire Prevention and Firefighting

Minimise the risk of fire and maintain operational readiness to respond to emergency situations involving structural fires

Customer Acquisition Management

Identify, develop, and monitor customer acquisition strategies to promote growth and convert audiences to potential customers.

Book Building

Identify price options for shares and other securities based on potential investors’ interest levels, as determined by the generation, capture and record of investor demand and supply of subscription rates

Airside Operations Management

Plan and coordinate airside operational activities to ensure compliance with airside safety standards


Preparing organisational budgets to support short and long-term business plans through forecasting, allocation and financial policy setting

Innovation Management

Create value and differentiation through new and improved processes, products and/or services

Flight Watching and Flight Following

Monitor conditions which may affect the planned completion of flights and propose actions to prevent disruptions to flights

Capital Expenditure and Investment Evaluation

Assess investments based on alignment with strategies, affordability, acceptable returns and prioritisation of options

Planning and Coordination

Ability to plan, organise and monitor work with effective utilisation of resources such as time, money, and people

Desire for Knowledge

Keen to learn new things and development which improves our skills and knowledge in day to day work.

Innovative Thinking

Open to change, approaches issues differently, offers alternate/out of the box solutions and strives for efficiency by working smartly.

Problem Solving

Understanding a situation by breaking it into smaller parts, organising information systematically, and setting priorities

Developing Others

Genuinely believes in others’ capabilities to develop and takes personal responsibility for their development. Creates a positive environment for learning and provides developmental opportunities for individuals and teams.

Self Awareness and Self Control

Identifies one’s own emotional triggers and controls one’s emotional responses. Maintains a sense of professionalism and emotional restraint when provoked, faced with hostility or working under increased stress. It includes resilience and stamina despite prolonged adversities.

Climate Finance

Plan, access, deliver, and monitor climate finance at the national level to reduce climate risks and contribute to sustainable development goals.

Productivity and Innovation Strategy (PSI)

Plan and manage innovative systems to evaluate the productivity in an organization, in order to conduct a diagnosis and formulate innovative strategies


Working together as a unit for the common goal. Building teams through mutual trust, respect and cooperation.

Business Operational Planning

Plan detailed team/department level activities aligning to the organisation's long term goals

Property and Infrastructural Planning

Understand, assess and design property and infrastructure plans in order to meet national and international infrastructure development goals, and contribute to public welfare

Public-Private-Individual Partnership Collaboration

Manage contracts between private entities and public agencies to maximise financial and operational performance and minimise risks

Coaching and Mentoring

Develop and implement coaching and mentoring approaches to address learner developmental needs

Engineering Project Management

Manage engineering projects and work areas by setting objectives, project plans, methodologies and timelines to ensure successful outcomes

Data Sharing

Assess the value of data to achieve a competitive advantage and business objectives

Hazard and Risk Control and Policy Management

Apply systematic and objective approaches for hazard identification and risk assessment to manage workplace hazards effectively

Data Visualisation

Implement contemporary techniques, dynamic visual displays with illustrative and interactive graphics to present patterns, trends, analytical insights from data or new concepts in a strategic manner for the intended audience

Airport Service Quality Management

Implement and drive improvements in service quality standards at the airports

Audit Frameworks

Develop quality assurance frameworks to meet regulatory requirements

Ground Support Equipment Failure Analysis

Examine malfunctioning Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to identify and rectify the causes of failures

Macroeconomic Analysis

Evaluate impact of external factors on the organisation

Service Level Agreement Management

Assess performance of ground handling agents and form partnerships to deliver efficient ground handling, customer and passenger services

Process Improvement and Optimisation

Adopt process mining tools to discover critical processes and maximise these processes to achieve maximum efficiency in accordance with organisation procedures

Accident and Incident Response Management

Deploy appropriate tools, procedures and resources to respond to accidents and incidents efficiently

Airline Crew Scheduling

Manage crew requirements through efficient crew scheduling

Leadership Development

Build a culture of strong leadership and drive initiatives to facilitate the development of leadership capabilities in the organisation

Business Negotiation

Engage in negotiations to reach and create outcomes which support the commercial objectives of the organisation

Data Collection and Preparation

Collect human resource (HR) data from employees for the purpose of generating business and HR insights

Data Governance-IT

Develop, implement and practice guidelines, laws, and regulations across the organisation for the handling of data at various stages in its lifecycle as well as the provision of advice on proper data handling and resolution of data breaches

Data Governance- GM

Establish standards and practices on data governing and review level of compliance with them

Contract Management

Formalise contracts and/or service level agreements with providers of products and services including measure and manage supplier performance and fulfilment of agreed-upon service level agreements. This includes resolution of contractual issues and maintenance of vendor and/or provider relationships

Cargo Loading and Unloading Administration

Manage cargo loading and unloading activities to and from the aircraft in accordance with loading plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Data Governance-Learning

Develop and implement guidelines, laws, and regulations across the organisation for the handling of data at various stages in its lifecycle as well as the provision of advice on proper data handling and resolution of data breaches in a range of complex, ambiguous or multi-faceted contexts

Crisis Management

Apply strategies designed to enable an organisation to deal with disruptive events by planning for responses to potential crises, establishing monitoring systems and training systems, communicating both internally and externally, and leading recovery processes

Unit Load Devices Operations

Implement and develop standards for the handling, deployment and maintenance of Unit Load Devices (ULDs)

Data Management

Prepare, structure and manage human resource (HR) data and information to assist in the analyses of business and HR issues

Cyber Risk Management

Develop cyber risk assessment and treatment techniques that can effectively pre-empt and identify significant security loopholes and weaknesses, demonstration of the business risks associated with these loopholes and provision of risk treatment and prioritisation strategies to effectively address the cyber-related risks, threats and vulnerabilities identified to ensure appropriate levels of protection, confidentiality, integrity and privacy in alignment with the security framework

Data Mining and Modelling

Establish and deploy data modelling techniques to support narrative and predictive analytics efforts and identify trends and patterns for simulation and forecasting purposes

Data Analytics System Design

Integrate the use of data analytics in the production environment for the identification of bottlenecks and system improvements

Data Storytelling and Visualisation

Combine data insights, and dynamic visual displays with illustrative and interactive graphics and narrative representative formats to present patterns, trends, meanings, messages and analytical insights from data or new concepts in a strategic manner

Data Analytics

Apply data extraction and analytic methods to analyse and evaluate financial and non-financial information and provide business intelligence

Livelihoods Design

Design and advocate for livelihood interventions that respond appropriately and ethically to various needs, including but not limited to psychosocial and mental health, social, and financial.

Gender Equality

Understand, identify, and advocate for gender equality in development programmes, through the design and implementation of gender strategies.

Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Design

Identify, plan and design urban sustainable energy-efficient public infrastructure.

Forestry Livelihood Management

Understand the need, importance of designing, managing, conserving and repairing forests and associated resources (forest-dependent SMEs) for human and environmental benefits.

Climate-Resilient Development

Identify, evaluate, select, implement, and adjust actions to reduce climate vulnerabilities and improve development outcomes.

Tax Computation

Compute Goods and Services Tax, and tax liabilities

Passenger Information Systems Management

Implement and manage effective Passenger Information Systems (PIS) to provide relevant and timely information to passengers and members of the public

Cash Flow Reporting

Maintain business units’ cash flow reports by consolidating data and performing analysis on cash inflow and outflow

Tax Controversy Management

Respond to tax queries from the authorities with completeness, relevance and accuracy

Aircraft Movement Management

Direct aircraft on the ramps by using appropriate manual and systems cues

Change Management

Manage organisational change management systems to drive organisational success and outcomes by preparing, equipping and supporting adoption of change

Sustainability Management

Plan, develop and roll out of an organisation-wide sustainability strategy. This includes the assessment of the organisation's utilisation and/or consumption of energy and other resources, vis-a-vis the availability and stability of supply sources and external best practices and standards in sustainability. This also includes the on-going monitoring and tracking of energy and/or resource-consumption over time, to identify impact on the organisation's internal and external environment as well as potential improvements in energy- or resource- efficiency.

Airside Safety

Develop and execute airside safety policies to promote a safer working environment at the airside

Channel Management

Manage new and existing distribution channels for financial services products and services to ensure channel performance and effectiveness

Tax Compliance

Evaluate tax computations and systems to ensure compliance with statutory tax obligations

Customer and Passenger Handling and Care

Manage delivery of customer and passenger services to meet ground services standards of airlines

Computational Modelling

Develop, select and apply algorithms and advanced computational methods to enable systems or software agents to learn, improve, adapt and produce desired outcomes or tasks. This also involves the interpretation of data, including the application of data modelling techniques to explore and address a specific issues or requirements

Taxation Laws

Analyse impact of evolving tax legislation on business environment

Route Forecasting and Development

Identify flight routes for airlines through the detailed study of airline performance, route profitability, competitors, revenue potential and future business strategies

Prevention of Gender-based Violence (G-BV)

Understand, describe, and promote integration of gender-based violence (G-BV) principles within development projects, with a special focus on violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Conflict Management

Build consensus, maintain the best interests of the organisation and utilise knowledge of conflict management techniques to diffuse tensions and achieve resolutions effectively

Transfer Pricing

Determine the price for goods and services at which different divisions of a company transact with each other

Climate Change Policy Design

Plan and design climate change mitigation policy instruments (voluntary, regulatory, and market-based), geared towards climate-compatible development.

Tax Implications

Assess tax implication of changes in tax laws

Food Waste Management

Manage activities for the disposal of food waste in aircraft and central kitchens

Gender-sensitive Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

Understand, define, and integrate gender sensitive policies and practices into disaster risk management projects.

Tax Risk Management

Review tax risk frameworks to ensure risks are minimised and managed properly

Data Analytics

Organise and analyse structured or unstructured data to create insights systematically

Climate Change and Health

Understand and describe the impact of climate change on human health, to enhance climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation efforts.


Understand, develop and apply cybersecurity policies and procedures to ensure protection against cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, and to respond to cybersecurity breaches

Security Strategy

Establish the organisation's security vision, strategy and initiatives to ensure adequate protection of assets. This involves the planning, implementation and review of enterprise-wide security controls which includes policies, processes, physical infrastructure, software and hardware functions to govern and preserve the privacy, security and confidentiality of the organisation's information and assets

Aircraft Turnaround Coordination

Conduct activities to prepare and turn around inbound aircraft for outbound flights

Data and Statistical Analytics

Identify data sets for application of statistical techniques to analyse and interpret large complex data to uncover trends or patterns in order to locate and define new process improvement opportunities

Succession Planning

Develop succession strategies for critical roles in alignment with organisation’s strategic direction and priorities

Aircraft Emergency Management

Command and control aircraft during emergency situations in accordance with Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)

Data Ethics

Apply legal and ethical principles in the collection, use, storage and disposal of data

Baggage Security Screening Operations

Screen baggage in accordance with 100 percent Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) standards to facilitate detection and prohibition of explosives and security threats

Data Protection Management

Develop and implement a Data Protection Management Programme to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012

Health Strategy Plans

Develop, review, and oversee health strategy plans to monitor the progress of national health policies, schemes, and missions, while supporting key stakeholders.

Scientific Communication

Interpret and communicate science themes to a range of audiences, to support decision-making, while influencing policy-agendas.

Health Programme Evaluation

Understand, propose, and oversee healthcare-specific programme evaluations, to improve health systems, programmes, and organisational performance aligned with the Indian Public Health Standards.

Health Project Management (PM)

Understand, support, and evaluate project management methodologies in public healthcare projects, to eliminate bottlenecks while solving key healthcare challenges.

Health Research Proposal Development

Define, develop, and evaluate healthcare research proposals, to investigate challenges that may arise while identifying areas of interest in public health.

Policy Implementation

Support and drive policy implementation to create appropriate policy systems that align government priorities.

Management of Public Organisations

Oversee management processes within the administrative system through the creation of an appropriate institutional framework for supporting, planning, implementing, and evaluating national plans to enable effective delivery of public services

Resource Allocation

Support, determine, and adapt resource allocation to citizen priorities using relevant tools and techniques, while ensuring there is no under-utlisation of resources.

Policy Stakeholder Engagement

Identify, plan and involve community engagement to implement actions/policy designed to better serve the public while making efficient use of limited public resources.

Assessment Instrument Design

Understand theory and practice of assessment methodologies; design competency-based assessment instruments across both behavioural and functional competencies; run reliability and validity tests in a tech-based implementation environment.

Gender and Energy

Understand, define, and contribute to planning and designing of energy policies to promote gender-equal impact.

Health Outcomes Measurement

Define, evaluate, and measure health outcomes to support evidence-based decision making towards pro-poor health approaches.

Career Framework Design

Establish career frameworks to provide pathways to facilitate employees' career development and progression within the organisation

Compensation Management

Manage the implementation, review and administration of compensation to employees

Competency Framework Development

Design and develop competency frameworks within organisation, ensuring that human resource (HR) programmes are aligned to support their application across organisation levels and functions

Conduct and Behaviour Management

Manage the conduct and behaviour of the employees according to the organisation's code of conduct, values, ethics and disciplinary procedures

Contingent Workforce Management

Develop and implement organisational strategies and plans to manage contingent workforce effectively

Contract Development and Management

Manage contract creation, evaluation, negotiation, tendering to maximise operation and financial performance of an organisation

Customer Relationship Management Operations

Manage and analyse customer data to foster long-term relationships with customers and drive sales growth

Behaviour Change Facilitation

Drive mindset shifts and behaviour changes to sustain learning initiatives and interventions

Benefits Management

Manage the implementation, review and administration of benefits to employees

Career Coaching

Provide career coaching programmes to develop talent

Strategy Implementation

Evaluate the impact of critical business functions, conduct situational analysis and formulate, review and refine business function strategies

Tax Advisory

Apply relevant and holistic tax advisories for better strategic management

Technology and Systems Application

Apply and integrate evaluated technologies into the organisation’s operations or processes to achieve the desired outcomes

Technology Infrastructure Management and Integration

Evaluate the latest available technologies to integrate into existing operations so as to improve customer service, reduce costs and streamline supply chains

Technology Road Mapping

Plan short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals in order to make capital out of future market needs

Service Level Management

Plan, monitor and manage service provisions for the achievement of agreed service level targets

Threat Analysis and Defence

Enable and conduct analysis of malicious threats, to examine their characteristics, behaviours, capabilities, intent and interactions with the environment as well as the development of defence and mitigation strategies and techniques to effectively combat such threats

Software Design

Create and refine the overall plan for the design of software, including the design of functional specifications starting from the defined business requirements as well as the consideration and incorporation of various controls, functionality and interoperability of different elements into a design blueprint or model which describes the overall architecture in hardware, software, databases, and third party frameworks that the software will use or interact with

Workplace Optimisation

Plan and manage the work spaces to encourage collaboration and build organisation culture

Accreditation Structure Management

Design accreditation structures and award learning qualifications based on assessments of alignment with accreditation requirements

Assessment Design and Implementation

Design and implement assessment methods and tools to evaluate learner progress

Learning Research Data Analysis

Analyse research data, interpret results generated and link them to the research question or related findings in scientific literature to derive new insights

Research Design

Evaluate existing research literature to understand the existing body of knowledge, identify gaps or issues, translate them into research questions and design research studies to investigate and test hypotheses

Research and Information Synthesis

Identify, source and interpret information from various sources to obtain deep understanding of specific field or area to identify patterns, uncover insights, integrate findings into recommendations and/or guide decision-making

Strategy Planning

Develop organisational strategies and policies by analysing the impact of internal and external influencing factors and seeking consultation from relevant stakeholders

Risk Assessment

Perform assessment of risks, including fraud risks, through understanding the client’s business

Carbon Pricing

Identify, develop and communicate carbon pricing policy with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in pursuance of national climate change mitigation goals, and aligning with the climate pledge in the Paris Agreement, 2015.

Health Promotion

Create, evaluate and communicate health promotion programs and strategies designed to enable people to increase control over and to improve, their health knowledge, attitudes, skills to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being


Understand and apply ethics in the public sector, to solve ethical dilemmas and ensure prevalence of public sector values.

Industry Networking

Establish broad external networks to enhance the organisation's value proposition and access to a community of professionals and potential candidates

Intellectual Property Management

Evaluate, determine and implement organisational intellectual property rights to mitigate potential infringement

Involuntary Exit Management

Establish and implement frameworks, guidelines, policies and processes to manage involuntary exits

Job Analysis and Evaluation

Define and evaluate job requirements and expectations against specific metrics, structures or systems

Labour Relations Management

Manage labour relations to support, enhance and strengthen the relationships amongst trade unions, work councils and employee forums

Group Dynamics Facilitation

Assess group profile and dynamics to inform learning facilitation and group interaction approaches

Health and Wellness Programme Management

Develop and implement employee health and wellness programmes to promote a healthy and productive workforce

Human Resource Service Quality Management

Develop and implement human resource (HR) service management frameworks, incorporating service quality standards, agreements and metrics

Human Resource Systems Management

Establish and manage effective and efficient human resource (HR) management systems

Employee Communication Management

Formulate overall employee communication strategies and facilitate conversations to ensure effective and timely dissemination of pertinent information to employees

Employee Engagement Management

Drive employee engagement programmes to facilitate commitment from employees to organisational values, vision and objectives

Employee Mobility Management

Establish policies to facilitate employee movements according to legal, organisational and professional requirements and guidelines

Employee Relationship Management

Strengthen employee relationships and facilitate resolutions to conflicts and disputes

Employer Branding

Facilitate programmes to communicate Employee Value Proposition to new hires and prospective hires into the organisation

Executive Remuneration Management

Manage the design and implementation of executive remuneration for executives of the organisation

Digital Marketing and Communication

Develop digital outreach plans and marketing collaterals to communicate and enhance the organisation's employer brand

Diversity and Inclusion Management

Develop strategies and programmes to create an diverse and inclusive workplace where individual differences are accepted and respected


Empathy is about being able to accurately hear out and understand the thoughts, feelings and concerns of others, even when these are not made explicit.

Communication Skills

Articulates information to others in a language that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. It also includes the ability to listen and understand the unspoken feelings and concerns of others.

Environment and Social Governance

Understand the latest industry and/or client standards regarding Environment and Social Governance (ESG) and undertake ESG research activities and document findings

Service Orientation

Identify, establish, and streamline citizen needs and expectations to ensure service quality and address any issues that might come up.

Service Management

Demonstrate and apply the knowledge of key service management processes to monitor and evaluate resource management, strategic plans, as well as the role of citizens in service delivery.

Service Delivery

Demonstrate and apply customised service delivery practices to ensure tasks are successfully completed in a timely manner.

Conflict Resolution

Understand, determine, and apply a range of conflict resolution strategies, considering the nature of the scenario and the needs and expectations of citizens, while taking responsibility for issues.

Service Quality and Satisfaction

Identify, propose, and develop solutions for service quality, through the lens of the citizen, while determining service satisfaction through key indicators and metrics.

Aquatic Resource Conservation

Designing programs and policies for the preservation of ecosystems in our oceans, seas, and coastal waterways with a view to protect the natural environment and the interests of communities who are dependent on these areas

Quality Assurance Management

Designs and manages QA systems to ensure adult and active-learning practices are incorporated into learning management systems through continuous process improvements.

Change Management

Identify required changes and perform a risk assessment to develop and implement a change-management strategy for effectively supporting, evaluating and sustaining organisational change.

Environmental Crisis Communication

Develop, Streamline and Evaluate crisis communication plans and strategies to communicate information in a timely manner and help stakeholders make better decisions, increasing trust among affected communities

Customer Service Metrics

Describe, apply, and review a range of customer service metrics to monitor and improve the performance across the customer journey.

Customer Solutions

Identify and analyse the issues/concerns customers encounter and prepare solutions for the same, while using customer relationship management systems.

Customer Liaison

Understand, categorise, and evaluate customer touch points to develop customer journey maps and oversee a customer’s experience.

Multilateral Environmental Agreements(MEAs)

Provide technical and administrative support for the development, management and monitoring of multilateral environmental agreements to tackle international environmental and climate challenges more effectively

Biodiversity Management

Design, Implement and Evaluates programmes and policies for the protection, conservation and management of wildlife and ecosystems to protect the environment and the communities that depend on it.

Investment Promotion

Plan, Prioritise and Drive policies and partnerships to present a positive and informed picture of investment opportunities to attract and retain foreign as well as domestic investment in the short and long term

Investment Facilitation

Manages and Monitors processes that contribute towards an efficient, predictable and investment-friendly business climate to improve economic growth and living standards

Marketing Culture

Understand, analyse, and create a marketing culture to audit the existing culture in an organisation, while anticipating and proposing improvements.

Warehouse Maintenance and Housekeeping

Maintain Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and tools in warehouse operations

Warehouse Inventory Control and Audit

Regulate outflows and inflows of stocked items as well as shipment, loading and storage activities using inventory control systems, methodologies and tools

Market Risk Management

Identify, monitor and manage risks arising from movement in market prices such as foreign exchange rates, interest rates, credit spreads, equity and commodity prices, cash flow and liquidity positions

Risk Management and Administration

Identify, assess and prioritise risks and apply resources to mitigate risks and impact of incidents

Material Flow Modelling

Analyse the inflow and outflow of material, substance or product flows across different industrial sectors or within ecosystems to achieve optimisation

Supply Chain Solutioning/Modelling/Planning/Strategising

Develop new operating models and solutions for customers to manage their supply chain needs as well as improve inventory levels, delivery time and cost saving

Warehousing or Cargo-related Occupational Health and Safety Management

Manage warehouse or cargo-related workplace safety and health objectives and targets in compliance to regulatory requirements

Engineering Installation Design

Produce engineering plans for the installation and assembly of new products using a systematic approach to design. It also includes seeking endorsement from key stakeholders

e-Logistics IT Solutioning

Integrate internet-based technologies with back-end processes to improve logistics operations and develop new logistic management practices to support technological advances

Customer Management

Manage customers across the customer lifecycle to guide customer interactions, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth

Cross Docking

Transfer inbound materials, goods and products from receiving docks to shipment docks for outbound deliveries

Logistics Solution Design Thinking

Construct solutions based upon logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning to explore possibilities of what can be and create desired outcomes that benefit the organisation and customers when designing logistics solution

Pricing for Warehouse Services and Operations

Provide open or closed-book pricing based on warehouse fixed and variable costs, financials, and profit and loss requirements of organisation

Warehouse Facility Security Control

Establish risk analysis, physical and personal security, access control, emergency response and disaster recovery in warehousing operations

Logistics Solution Product/Project Management

Manage activities to meet project requirements and translate to plans that deliver ontime, on-budget learning and integration that organisations need

Warehouse Automation Application

Apply computer software and/or automated equipment to improve efficiency of warehouse operations

Market Liquidity and Counterparty Matching

Determine price sensitivity of bid and offer quotes from market participants to negotiate and match the best available bid quotes with offer quotes between two counterparties using effective negotiation strategies in client conversations

Risk Analytics

Utilise quantitative methods, stress testing approaches and risk modelling to support robust integrated risk management frameworks and methodologies

Environmental Protection Management

Establish policies and procedures for sustainable environment practices covering green procurement, gas emissions, disposal methods, product quality standards and regulatory compliance

Market Research and Analysis

Develop market analysis frameworks and objectives to guide and conduct analyses of market trends, developments, competitive factors and economic changes to identify useful business insights, drive economic decisions and forecast market needs

Transportation Hub or Control Centre Administration

Optimise logistics operations including provision of transportation services and optimal use of resources

Price Verification and Profit Analysis

Perform independent price verification by using mark-to-market methodology to verify front office positions and adjust profit and loss reports to reserve for valuation adjustments.

Underwriting Profitability and Efficiency Management

Manage profitability and effectiveness of insurance underwriting function according to organisation's strategies

Livestock Cargo Administration

Arrange transportation of livestock cargo including documentation, cargo inspection and compliance with regulatory requirements

Pricing for Transportation Services and Operations

Apply knowledge in transportation services and operations together with understanding of needs of shippers and consignees to develop reliable and affordable transportation pricing models

Trust Structuring

Derive the most suitable trust structures which maximise distribution of dividends and/or required benefits to beneficiaries

Contract Preparation, Evaluation, Negotiation and Tendering

Manage contract creation, evaluation, negotiation, and tendering to maximise operation and financial performance of an organisation

International Trade Legislation Compliance

Identify all aspects of international trade processes and foreign and multilateral trade laws for regulatory compliance

Attribution Analysis

Analyse portfolio and fund manager performance, identify specific portfolio performance factors, and apply attribution analysis methods

Container Loading and Unloading Administration

Conduct cargo operations associated with interpretation and application of instructions, regulations, procedures and information associated with loading, unloading, stuffing, unstuffing, stowage and care of cargo

Collateral Management

Reduce risk by reviewing collateral documentation for completeness and validity, performing collateral valuation and margin call calculations and resolving reconciliation breaks

Information Technology and Network Security

Manage organisation’s network and data security, ensuring an ongoing rigorous review of the organisation’s digital, cyber and application security and IT network infrastructures, to ensure multiple layers of defences to protect proprietary data from attack and the organisation’s reputation

Autonomous Logistics Design and Application

Identify suitable models in the design and implementation of autonomous machines in existing operations, as well as formulate and present validating strategies for management’s approval and review and refine them on a continuous basis

Fund Accounting

Manage fund accounting to record, match and settle transactions, establish prices of securities, monitor and process corporate actions, process unit holders’ records, prepare net asset valuation report of funds and fund financial reports

Client Investment Suitability

Determine client suitability, financing needs, risk management requirements, investment objectives and propose relevant sales opportunities

Freight and Cargo Claim Administration

Perform claim documentation and procedures including filing and monitoring of claims and claim resolution

Bulk Cargo Administration

Manage and administer transportation for unpacked commodity cargo (both liquid and dry) in large quantities

Cargo Lifting

Conduct cargo operations associated with heavy lift freight including oversized loads

Material Management (Planning, Sourcing, Use, Disposal)

Establish plans, organisation procedures and controls of flow of materials from the point of origin to the point of consumption and disposal

Trade Finance Management

Perform trade finance products processing and manage trade financing procedures by identifying appropriate solutions that minimise trade risks

Cargo Tracking System Administration

Perform processes in tracking of cargo movement via various forms of transport

Order Fulfilment Administration

Administer receiving, processing, delivery and optimisation processes for orders in order to support business and customer requirements

Trading Management

Perform trades and take positions in various products in accordance with trading plans

Personal Finance Advisory

Advise customers on suitable in-house financial solutions, based on analyses of their personal financial needs

Transportation Equipment Handling

Operate different types of transport equipment including conveyors, cranes and industrial trucks for the movement and storage of materials

Corporate and Business Law Application

Identify and apply business laws and regulations within organisation and respond to legal and regulatory changes to ensure compliance

Insurance Claims Handling

Handle assessment and investigation of insurance claims to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of claims functions and reduce risk exposure

Warehouse Layout Design

Develop warehouse locations, designs and layouts for storage area segregation with consideration for the characteristics and capabilities of different load handling and storage equipment

Risk Appetite and Goals Setting

Determine and manage the organisation’s risk appetite in a way that aligns with strategic objectives

Shipment Load Planning and Palletisation/Consolidation

Optimise pallet load configuration and consolidation for shipments

Market Specialisation

Apply market and industry knowledge to key service offerings as well as understand relevant laws and regulations in relevant markets to be able to customise advice to clients

Warehouse Management System Administration

Apply Warehouse Management System (WMS) methodology, covering technical deliverables and business processes for internal controls, as well as provide user guides and trainings

Time Sensitive Cargo Delivery Management

Plan and manage transportation of cargo with time-sensitive delivery window

Warehouse Performance Measurement

Identify key performance indicators and performance benchmarking in warehouses for optimal processes, customer relations activities, quality levels, asset usage and costs

Event Logistics Administration

Manage and administer activities through deployment and withdrawal of resources according to schedule to ensure efficient supply of customer to the product and the supply of facilities to and from event sites

Enterprise Database System Administration

Manage database design, architecture, optimisation, deployment, troubleshooting as well as capacity planning, refinement of logical design, handling of back-up and recovery plans, in order to support business requirements

Electronic Trading System Management

Demonstrate good grasp of electronic trading key drivers and perform market analysis activities to establish a seamless system to allow investors and traders to place trades and monitor performance

Deal Syndication and Arrangement

Identify and assess syndication opportunity based on size and risk levels, invite other lenders for syndication and arrange for finalise loan syndication through legal means

Customer Acceptance Checking and Onboarding

Assess customer acceptance suitability by conducting Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Customer Due Diligence (KYC/AML/CDD) checks and fraud assessments

Logistics Process Quality Management

Apply processes to align all components of business to quality requirements of the organisation in order to maximise quality and reduction of waste

Product Advisory

Develop, maintain and convey detailed and specialised product knowledge as well as keep abreast of emerging product knowledge to address organisation requirements

Warehouse Facility Management

Manage policies and procedures for warehouse facility operations, including budgeting, security, safety and health requirements

Logistics Solutions Marketing

Plan, implement and control business activities to conduct buying and selling of product offerings or services between buyers and sellers of logistics services

Retail Logistics Administration

Manage and administer modern distribution systems, create movement plans, manage availability of infrastructure in order to ensure profitability is maximised by the logistics systems

Logistics Solutions Sales

Identify customer needs, evaluate these needs and identify probable solutions so as to sell logistics solutions and services to solve the needs of customers

Warehouse Administration

Execute warehouse task scheduling, record maintenance and information coordination with internal and external stakeholders

Risk and Compliance Reporting

Develop regulatory documents required to meet regulatory reporting requirements and obligations

Equipment Maintenance

Perform equipment maintenance including preparation, preventive and breakdown maintenance

Market Profiling

Segment the markets, select the targeting strategies and tactics, profile the target segments and develop the positioning strategies as well as implementation activities

Transportation Route and Schedule Planning

Optimise transportation resources for route scheduling and dispatching using vehicle fleet management systems

Price Stabilisation

Facilitate price stabilisation via successful placement of shares in accordance with regulatory guidance to minimise short term price fluctuations, which includes disclosing and disseminating all material information which could affect the issue price

Vertical Programme Management

Manage logistics/supply chain programmes and customers in niche areas

Logistics Operations Research and Planning

Adopt advanced quantitative methods to analyse, design, plan and control logistics systems in order to support business requirements

Pricing for Cargo Services and Operations

Apply knowledge in cargo rating together with understanding needs of shippers and consignees for developing reliable and affordable transportation solutions

Underwriting Process

Structure policy terms in accordance with an organisation's rating, price and risk tolerance to develop risk evaluation considerations for applications

Contract and Vendor Management

Draft, negotiate and formalise contracts with vendors and/or service providers, including measuring and managing vendors and/or service providers performance according to contracts and established standards, resolving contractual issues, and maintaining vendors and/or service providers relationships

Information Technology Application Support and Monitoring

Provide Information Technology (IT) application and security support by troubleshooting issues, identifying root causes, performing trend analysis and/or monitoring performance, to ensure issues are resolved.

Automation Design

Manage control systems and information technology to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services in order to streamline operations in terms of speed, reliability and product output

Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) Administration

Establish procedures and documentation using Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) for control and audit

Cold Chain Operations Administration

Perform processes involved in cold chain management which include packaging and material handling equipment for storage and during transportation

Block Trading

Structure block trades, perform due diligence, bid on block trades, and finalise transactions

Freight Insurance Administration

Perform freight insurance documentation covered for goods during shipment including cargo insurance purchased directly from shippers or third-party insurers

Cargo Issuance and Dispatch

Maintain conditions and stipulated requirements for compliance before issuance and dispatch of imported cargo

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) Handling

Operate mechanised material handling equipment including the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products

Trade Processing, Fund Settlement and Treasury Transaction Processing

Demonstrate the ability to validate appropriate fund terms and transfers, monitor and review the smooth delivery of securities to buyers, perform settlement, rate verification, reconciliation and post-trade confirmation activities including reporting transactions that have not been cleared or are unusual

Cargo Security Control

Maintain security in cargo environment including legislations and regulatory requirements

Mergers and Acquisitions Management

Analyse Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) strategically to identify and evaluate opportunities for increasing the organisation’s valuation

Transaction Documentation for Prospectus Development

Prepare prospectus documents by gathering relevant information for development

People Performance Management

Implement effective performance management procedures to drive individual objectives and achievement of team goals

Credit Assessment

Assess borrower or customer’s credit worthiness and credit risk based on internal credit guidelines to determine suitable credit structuring options

Post-Trade Monitoring and Risk and Capital Management

Monitor daily profit and loss and positions in the trading books, and formulate hedging strategies to manage associated financial risks

Contract and Vendor Management

Manage contract creation, execution and analysis to maximise financial and operational performance and minimise risks

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Establish organisational IP goals, manage and implement collation of IP materials to support IP reviews and registration processes

Service Challenges

Develop a framework to manage and mitigate service challenges and feedback from customers

Infection Control and Hospital Hygiene

Establish, supervise and evaluate infection prevention and control (IPC) procedures to prevent patients and health workers from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) towards improved health outcomes of individuals and communities

Auditing, Evaluation and Service Design

Implement, evaluate and develop healthcare audit standards and compliance processes to objectively assess the effectiveness of processes (such as governance, accountability, control and risk management ) towards quality healthcare delivery and patient safety.

Healthcare Quality Management

Assess, monitor and apply quality standards to ensure personnel and internal processes are channelized to deliver high-quality evidence-based healthcare services, that take into account the preferences and aspirations of and minimises risk for individuals, to achieve improved health outcomes for individuals and communities.

Public Health Nutrition Practice

Describe, monitor, and administer public health nutrition practices, to address nutrition issues, and build local and national capacity for public health nutrition interventions.

Knowledge Management

Maintain and develop knowledge management practices for an organisation, to improve performance, anticipate risks and opportunities, and create a collaborative knowledge sharing culture.

Strategy and Process Management- IP

Establish, supervise and evaluate IP policies and processes to protect the organization's innovative products/services/processes and strengthen the organization's competitive edge to stimulate and ensure fair competition and foster an environment of creativity and innovation

Procurement Coordination and Performance Assessment

Prioritize and partner with suppliers, contractors and industry peers on procurement processes and practices to ensure goods/services are procured in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner

Enforcement- IP

Manage, monitor, and resolve instances involving the unauthorized use, duplication or sale of materials or products that are legally protected as IP to deter violations and to foster an environment of credibility, creativity and innovation

Financial Investment Research and Analysis

Conduct and oversee research and evaluation studies to enable and support investment decision making towards harnessing potential investment opportunities

Investment Data Analysis and Reporting

Apply and evaluate data analytics solutions towards efficient and reliable data management and reporting to facilitate data driven decisions on investment analysis

Trade Compliance

Manage and monitor trade policies, procedures and standards to ensure organisation-wide compliance with domestic and international shipping requirements, custom regulations and trade laws

Environment Health

Develop, Implement and Evaluate recommendations and programmes for the management of health risks stemming from environmental factors towards long-term human health and environmental quality

Personnel Training

Crafting programs that equip a specific group of people (trainees) with the competencies required for a specific task/ set of tasks

Investment Facilitation for Development

Propose and oversee tools, policies, and processes to smoothen the establishment and operation of an investment in order to support the mobilization and channeling of resources with the aim of achieving sustainable development at the regional and national levels

Life cycle assessment

Develop, review and communicate life cycle approaches to ensure greater understanding and adoption of life cycle thinking towards sustainable consumption and production

Clean Technologies

Designing programs and policies which reduce or eliminate at source any nuisance, pollution, or waste, and help save raw materials, natural resources, and energy, thereby increasing performance, productivity, or efficiency while minimizing negative effects on the environment.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Documents, supports, and develops customer experience management strategies, keeping in mind the needs and behaviours of customers as well as customer relationships.

Land-use planning

Develop, Implement and Review programmes and policies to improve, and strengthen planning, manage and strengthen systems for land use, towards sustainable management of these resources

Renewable Energy Technologies

Develops knowledge, policies and programmes to promote the applications of renewable technologies towards cleaner energy sources

Water Resource Management

Plans, design and Implement programs and policies for the efficient management and conservation of water resources to ensure an adequate quality and supply for drinking, sanitation services, energy and health of water-dependent ecosystems.


Efficient processing and implementation of reports, statements and financial schemes to ensure high-quality financial information and service to help the growth of the organization

Investment negotiation and mediation

Oversee and encourage application of rules, guidelines and ethical frameworks in investment agreements to settle disputes arising from the investment activities to nurture friendly Investor-State relationships in the long term

Trade Finance Risk Management

Manage and prioritise trade finance instruments and strategic partnerships to minimise risks in international trade

Procurement Policy Development

Evaluate and Develop public procurement strategies, tools and guidelines to support procurement capability, stakeholder engagement and capacity development

Contract Administration and Management

Manage, analyze and oversee the process of contract creation, execution and contract modification to minimize financial and quality concerns in order to ensure operational and financial integrity of the organization

Forest Management

Designing programs and policies for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and upkeep of forest areas with a view to protect the natural environment and the interests of communities who are dependent on these areas

Coastal Management

Designing programs and policies for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation, and upkeep of coastal areas with a view to protecting the natural environment and the interests of communities who are dependent on these areas

Audit and Due Diligence-IP

Conduct and oversee a comprehensive and periodic review of protected and protectable intangible assets in accordance with IP laws to assess liabilities and risks in order to properly utilise IP assets for market dominance and profitability

Advocacy and Representation

Advance the interests of the marginalised and/or vulnerable within the community regardless of mode of delivery

Care Assistance

Provide care, assistance and training in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Client Supervision

Provide supervision and oversight of clients

Conflict Management

Build consensus and utilise knowledge of conflict management techniques to diffuse tensions and achieve resolutions effectively and maintain the best interests of the organisation

Intervention Implementation

Perform the appropriate interventions based on client's needs, conditions and care plan


Provide para-counselling to clients within an agreed counselling framework

Support Service to Children and Youths

Provide support services to children and youths to ensure their overall well-being

Support Service to Persons with Disabilities

Identify and understand needs and concerns of people with physical, emotional, learning and intellectual disabilities and their families

Support Service to Seniors

Provide support services to seniors, their families and caregivers by identifying and understanding their needs and concerns

Case and Care Planning

Use different models and approaches for developing case and care plans to support clients' needs in accordance to organisational practices

Casework Evaluation

Evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of casework interventions

Casework Intervention

Provide systematic approaches to casework interventions


Provide quality caregiving to create a nurturing, caring and safe environment that supports children’s learning and development

Child Functional Needs Assessment

Assess the child's functional needs for appropriate intervention

Classroom Management

Apply and adapt classroom management strategies to facilitate delivery of interventions and the achievement of desired functional outcomes

Early Intervention Principles and Practices

Understand and apply different approaches and models of early intervention childhood care and education, as well as the social dynamics of learning in an early intervention context

Family and Caregiver Engagement

Recognise the central role of the family in every child's life and develop strategies for family engagement, nurturing trust and rapport and building capabilities in them to co-deliver interventions

Health, Safety and Nutrition

Understand health, safety, nutritional and hygiene standards and procedures, and implement the appropriate course of action to protect and support children

Individualised Intervention Planning and Implementation

Develop and implement intervention plans that integrate the goals, needs, interests and capabilities of children with the desired functional outcomes

Natural Learning Environment Design

Create natural and quality learning environments that promote the achievement of desired outcomes

Change Management

Initiate and facilitate organisational changes and business transformation initiatives

Financial Management

Manage organisation’s short and long-term financial needs. This involves reviewing an organisation’s financial risk position and refining the finance and financial risk philosophy of the organisation

Manpower Planning

Identify the talent needs arising out of the organisation's strategic intent, identify the fulfillment and manage the process within the time and cost parameters

People Management

Manage the recruitment, performance and development of staff

Risk Management

Oversee compliance to policies, frameworks and procedures in the department to ensure the integrity of operations and manage risks

Strategy Implementation

Develop implementation plans to achieve organisation and department strategies and goals

Strategy Planning

Analyse and interpret the environment and develop department and organisation strategies and policies, in consultation with relevant stakeholders

Group Work Evaluation

Evaluate group work processes and specialised intervention strategies for quality and effectiveness of outcomes

Group Work Intervention

Deliver group work programmes and services to achieve effective outcomes

Group Work Assessment and Planning

Perform client assessments, develop and plan group work processes and specialised intervention strategies to achieve effective outcomes

Learning Framework Development

Design and maintain a framework for identifying and meeting the learning needs of students, staff, professionals and the public.

Learning Programme Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of learning experiences and modify the teaching approaches and materials accordingly

Learning Programme Design

Plan and design learning experiences that are intellectually and academically engaging while imparting skills and competencies in students, staff, professionals and the public

Learning Programme Delivery

Deliver learning experiences according to the profile and learning needs of the students, staff and/or professionals

Collaborative Practices Across Disciplines and Sectors

Understand services, contributions and perspectives from other organisations, settings, disciplines and professionals, and apply integrated approaches to deliver interventions to clients

Diversity Awareness and Management

Apply awareness and sensitivity in working professionally with diverse individuals, groups and communities

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

Develop and implement emergency response and crisis management plans and policies, provide guidance on policies and plan development

Ethics, Values and Legislation

Apply conduct, ethics, values and relevant legislation to uphold the integrity and reputation of the organisation and the profession

Practice Supervision

Provide professional supervision to supervisees to develop their practice capabilities and competencies

Professional Consultation

Provide guidance or professional assistance in response to requests from clients, other professionals, external organisations and the general public

Reflexive Practice

Conduct regular self-assessment of own competencies and interactions with others within different systems and take the necessary actions to continuously develop as a professional

Resilience and Self-care

Understand the actions and activities that will enhance overall health and well-being to enable continued practice as a professional in the sector

Social Sector Policy Influence

Understand policies applicable in the social sector as well as the process of policy development and influence their development and implementation

Stakeholder Management

Plan and implement strategies to build and manage constructive and positive relationships with stakeholders

Social Policy Evaluation

Evaluate existing social policies to determine currency, relevance and alignment to national priorities and social needs

Social Policy Implementation

Manage the social policy implementation process to ensure alignment with the overarching policy intent

Social Policy Development

Develop social policies that are current, relevant and aligned to national priorities and social needs

Social Policy Formulation

Analyse research, social trends and impact of programmes and services to frame social policy issues and implications

Practice Evaluation

Evaluate current and emerging psychological services and initiatives for improvements, adaptations or adoption to advance professional practice

Psychological Assessment

Select, apply and interpret psychological assessment methods and tools appropriate to the individuals and groups

Psychological Intervention

Implement psychological therapy or other interventions appropriate to the presenting problems and the psychological, biological and social circumstances

Psychological Formulation

Develop psychological formulations that are informed by theories and evidences about relevant individual, systemic, cultural and biological factors

Report Writing - Psychological Practice

Integrate, organise and document the essential facts and observations of a case in a manner that is clear, coherent and in the best interest of the client

Research into Professional Practice Translation

Review findings from research studies, formulate recommendations to inform gaps in policies, research and professional practice and translate research results into professional practices

Social Service Programme Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of social service programmes in meeting the needs of the clients and communities

Social Service Programme Development

Develop social service programmes using intervention concepts and frameworks that serve the needs of the clients and community

Social Service Programme Implementation

Implement effective social service programmes that serve the needs of the clients and community

Volunteer Recruitment

Conduct volunteer recruitment activities

Volunteer Programme Management

Manage volunteer programmes, operations and logistics and develop volunteer programmes for the organisation

Volunteer Programme Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of volunteer programmes in meeting its stated objectives

Volunteer Retention and Engagement

Conduct volunteer engagement and develop strategies to engage and retain volunteers

Mentoring for Youths

Provide guidance to youths to facilitate their holistic development

Youth Development

Apply the understanding of the development stages of youths in the context of youth work to develop strategies and approaches to safeguard and promote the best interests of youths

Youth Outreach

Interact and engage with youths in diverse settings through platforms and activities that interest them


Perform actions to deter undesired outcomes


Provide first-aid support and determine the situation for escalation

Incident Response

Establish procedures to manage and analyse incidents

Confidentiality Management

Develop a set of rules to control access to information


Write clear, concise and readable reports supported by facts and evidence

Information Collection

Gather and measure data on topics targeted to answer relevant questions

Media Storage Record Maintenance

Record essential information identified to meet governance principles

Contract Management

Manage contract creation, evaluation, negotiation, and tendering to fulfil contractual requirements for the bidding organisation

Financial Management

Manage organisation’s short and long-term financial needs

Innovation Management

Respond to external or internal opportunities and apply creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or technology

Marketing Management

Manage organisation's marketing plans

Stakeholder Management

Monitor and maintain constructive relationships with stakeholders by influencing their expectations appropriately to help a business move toward its stated goals

Strategic Planning

Develop organisational strategic plans and provide directions to the organisation

Environment Observation

Measure situations by discerning the environment

Threat Observation

Describe contemporary threats by discerning suspicious activities

Capability Development

Provide personnel with support for professional development

Conflict Resolution Management

Manage conflicts and disagreements efficiently to reach compromise and agreements

Performance Management

Manage the performance of personnel to achieve organisation's performance targets


Apply appropriate apprehension techniques on suspects during the committing of unlawful acts

Canine Handling

Deploy dogs for security patrols

Contingency Management

Manage resources to handle uncertain and emergency situations

Crowd and Traffic Control Management

Manage crowd and traffic flow

Executive Protection

Provide protection services to moderate risk security environment

Firearm Handling

Handle firearms in accordance to standard operating procedures

Guard and Patrol

Perform guard and patrol duties to ensure the security of guarded facilities and eliminate prevailing security threats

Manpower Planning

Manage security resources to meet organisation's goals and objectives

Security Escort

Perform security and cargo escorts from collection points to designated places safely

Security Event Management

Plan and coordinate security operations of specific events

Security Operation Compliance

Manage operations that comply with the relevant legal requirements in the security industry

Security Screening Management

Conduct security screening activities to ensure the security of guarded facilities and mitigate prevailing security threats


Apply appropriate physical intervention tactics and techniques during hostile situations

Quality Assurance and Audit

Methodological approaches to carry out security audits

Security Risk Analysis

Methodological approaches to identify and solve security-related problems

Security Threat Research

Establish procedures for gathering, analysing and interpreting information about security threats and present findings to relevant stakeholders

Access Control Management

Manage access points of entry for different levels of authorised entries

Alarm System Management

Detect alarm activations and respond appropriately

Robotics and Automation Application

Apply and integrate evaluated technologies into organisational operations or processes to achieve desired outcomes and reduce reliance on manual tasks

Security Surveillance Management

Obtain and record surveillance information accurately using appropriate surveillance equipment in accordance with relevant legal and organisational requirements

Customer Care

Support, interpret, and prioritise customer experiences through customer relationship management, to provide customer care and build customer-centric organisations.

Technology Transfer- IP

Manage and evaluate research findings, IP assets and agreements between research institutions and commercial partners to ensure that new scientific and technological developments are easily accessible to promote innovation, job creation and economic growth

Portfolio Management- IP

Develop and maintain an IP portfolio to organize and manage IP and maximize its value to give a competitive edge to the organization and expand investment and partnership opportunities

3D Modelling

Generate 3D models using a variety of modelling software to represent characteristics of a real-world system.

Additive Manufacturing

Design and apply additive manufacturing workflows to create three-dimensional objects

Agile Software Development

Plan and implement Agile methodology and the use of adaptive and iterative methods and techniques in the software development lifecycle to account for continuous evolution, development, and deployment to enable seamless delivery of the application to the end user

Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems Maintenance

Implement preventive and corrective maintenance of air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems

Applications Development

Develop applications based on the design specifications; encompassing coding, testing, debugging, documenting and reviewing and/or refining it across the application development stages in accordance with defined standards for development and security.

Applications Integration

Integrate data or functions from one application program with that of another application program - involves development of an integration plan, programming and the identification and utilisation of appropriate middleware to optimise the connectivity and performance of disparate applications across target environments

Asbestos Removal

Formulate asbestos removal plans for the removal of asbestos from the workplace to minimise exposure and protect the health of all involved

Asbestos Risk Management

Formulate management plans and implement control measures for the management of asbestos

Behavioural Safety Management

Manage behavioural safety programmes in an organisation

Biophilic Design in Built Environment

Design buildings with the objective of connecting nature using natural elements to the built environment

Building Information Modelling Application

Use Building Information Modelling to make design, project and operational information accurate, accessible and actionable

Building Management System Implementation and Control

Implement Building Management System (BMS) to integrate overall building systems to improve the efficiency and productivity of management

Change Management

Plan and systematic execution of processes to facilitate the transition of individuals, teams and organisations to a desired end state in a manner that is seamless, sustainable and aligned with business objectives. This includes the redirection of resources, business processes, finances and operating models, as well as stakeholder engagement to facilitate implementation and maximise adoption.

Commissioning and Start-up Management

Manage the commissioning and start-up of new or modified equipment, components and systems into operational modes

Computational Design

Use programming and computational strategies for design processes to enable design optioneering, automation and optimisation

Computational Modelling

Develop, select and apply algorithms and advanced computational methods to enable systems or software agents to learn, improve, adapt and produce desired outcomes or tasks. This also involves the interpretation of data, including the application of data modelling techniques to explore and address a specific issues or requirements

Computer Vision Technology

Develop and deploy vision analytics algorithm and spatial sensing and/or reasoning systems

Condition-based Assets Monitoring Management

Formulate and implement condition-based maintenance procedures to enhance organisation maintenance regimes and operational reliability

Configuration Tracking

Track systematically and manage changes and revisions in software projects to ensure that all changes are accounted for and to protect assets against unauthorized change, diversion and inappropriate use

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Manage the planning, building, testing and integration of codes, and deployment of software changes and updates into a live environment

Contract Administration and Management

Develop contracts to determine suitable conditions of contract, and optimise the contract administration and management process taking into consideration the nature of the project

Control System Programming

Develop capabilities in areas of communications and remote operations by programming logic circuits and erasable programmable read-only memory for ships, rigs and/or conversions

Cyber and Data Breach Incident Management

Detect and report cyber and data-related incidents, identify affected systems and user groups, trigger alerts and announcements to relevant stakeholders and efficient resolution of the situation.

Cyber Forensics

Develop and manage digital forensic investigation and reporting plan which specifies the tools, methods, procedures and practices to be used. This includes the collection, analysis and preservation of digital evidence in line with standard procedures and reporting of findings for legal proceedings

Cyber Risk Management

Develop cyber risk assessment and treatment techniques that can effectively pre-empt and identify significant security loopholes and weaknesses, demonstration of the business risks associated with these loopholes and provision of risk treatment and prioritisation strategies to effectively address the cyber-related risks, threats and vulnerabilities identified to ensure appropriate levels of protection, confidentiality, integrity and privacy in alignment with the security framework

Data Centre Facilities Management

Manage and maintain data centre resources, facilities and/or physical infrastructure to ensure smooth, stable and sustainable operations within data centres. This includes monitoring and managing energy supply requirements, availability and consumption, ensuring the necessary resources are in place to support a stable power supply and day-to-day management of data centre equipment. This involves the management of the physical environment / conditions within the data centre and implementation of security measures to safeguard the integrity of the data centre

Data Design

Specify and create a data structure or database model, including the setting of various parameters or fields that can be modified to suit different structured or unstructured data requirements, the design of data flow, as well as the development of mechanisms for maintenance, storage and retrieval of data based on the business requirements

Data Engineering

Develop and implement efficient and stable processes to collect, store, extract, transform, load and integrate data at various stages in the data pipeline. This also involves processing varying amounts of data from a variety of sources and preparing data in a structure that is easily access and analysed according to business requirements

Data Migration

Plan and perform activities to migrate data between computer storage types or file formats

Database Administration

Perform Installation, coordination and upgrading of databases and database servers, performance monitoring and troubleshooting. This includes monitoring user access to database and optimisation of database performance, planning for backup and recovery, archived data maintenance and reporting

Demand Analysis

Devise frameworks to assess market dynamics and execute analyses to uncover demand outlook of products or services

Design for Safety

Develop designs and solutions to ensure compliance with Design for Safety (DfS) regulations while safeguarding the safety and health of users, stakeholders and the general public

Disaster Recovery Management

Develop and implement internal policies, processes and arrangements to guide and enable the prompt recovery of critical IT infrastructure and systems following a crisis or disaster. This includes monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of response to significant incidents or disruptions and reviewing the organisation's disaster recovery plan and processes.

Embedded Systems Programming

Program an embedded system using permitted programming interfaces provided by the system to support creation of devices that do not operate on traditional operating systems

Engineering Contract Management

Analyse and develop requirements to define contract structures, terms and financials

Equipment and Systems Installation and Commissioning Management

Manage installation and testing to determine readiness for commissioning of systems

Failure Analysis

Examine the electrical and physical defects evidence to verify the causes of failure as well as identify the failure modes

Geotechnical Engineering Management

Manage the design, technical specification, selection, modification and troubleshooting of geotechnical equipment, structures and systems to provide geotechnical engineering discipline support to construction, maintenance and project teams

Green Building Strategy Implementation

Develop environmental sustainability plans throughout the building lifecycle through the development, implementation and review of sustainability strategies to enhance environmental performance

Incident and Accident Investigation

Investigate workplace incidents and accidents based on root cause analysis and identification of corrective actions to prevent recurrences

Indoor Environmental Quality Improvement

Manage Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) through the identification and analysis of conditions inside buildings

Infrastructure Deployment

Set up, deploy and decommission infrastructure components and associated equipment in accordance to a set plan and established safety and/or quality procedures. This includes the assessment and preparation of appropriate site locations, infrastructure, the development of an installation plan, layout at the site, the testing of on-site systems, infrastructure components, equipment and the correction of issues and/or malfunctions

Infrastructure Support

Provide services to end users by systematically identifying, classifying and troubleshooting technical issues and incidents that disrupt and impact their day-to-day business activities, within a specified timeframe. This also includes implementing an end-to-end problem management process to analyse underlying problems, advising on infrastructure related upgrades and improvements and developing user guides and training materials

Installation and Assembly

Install equipment and system components by evaluating product specifications and manufacturers’ recommendations and aligning them with the needs of the project

Integrated Digital Delivery Application

Drive the adoption, integration and implementation of Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) technologies to manage projects and building life-cycle efficiently from digital design, digital fabrication, digital construction to digital asset delivery and management

Intelligent Reasoning

Design and build intelligent machine reasoning systems that can integrate, make sense of, and act upon heterogeneous sensory information sources, using domain knowledge accumulated in respective industries

Internet of Things Management

Interrelate computing devices, equipment and machines’ data in a networked environment to provide specific solutions

IT Asset Management

Manage, optimise and protect the organisation's IT assets. This includes the timely purchase, deployment, categorisation, maintenance and phase out of IT assets within the organisation in a way that optimises business value. Also includes development and implementation of procedures to guide the proper handling, usage and storage of IT assets to limit potential business or legal risks

Lifts and Escalators Systems Design

Design energy-efficient lifts and escalators

Network Administration and Maintenance

Monitor network in order to provide for optimum levels of network performance and minimisation of downtime. This includes detection, isolation, recovery and limitation of the impact of failures on the network as well as provision of support to system users through ongoing maintenance information sharing and training

Network Configuration

Configure network hardware and software components according to organisational guidelines and technical requirements. This includes the implementation and configuration of multiple servers, network devices and network management tools as well as the management of user network access to ensure stable and reliable network operations

Network Security

Design and configure network systems to ensure the integrity of network infrastructure through the use of appropriate protection, detection and response mechanisms

Network Slicing

Create logically partitioned networks from a shared infrastructure to provide optimised and customised services for different users based on service level agreements

Business Continuity

Develop internal infrastructure to ensure organisational resilience and maintenance of the availability, stability and integrity of critical systems, processes and stakeholders that support and drive key aspects of the business. This includes the planning, designing and testing contingency plans and setting up of internal systems and structures which are ready to respond to potential threats and maintain desired levels of continuity.

Pattern Recognition Systems

Develop and apply intelligent pattern recognition systems and techniques to analyse data and derive useful hidden patterns to solve problems

Engineering Performance Management

Evaluate and optimise network, system and/or software performance against user and business requirements. This involves the introduction and utilisation of new tools and mechanisms to gather, analyse and fully optimise performance data. This also includes the initiation of controls, modifications and new investments to enhance end-to-end performance of ICT components, systems and services

Plumbing, Sanitary, Drainage and Gas Systems Design

Apply hydraulic and fluid dynamics principles to design efficient plumbing, sanitary, drainage and gas systems by understanding principles of fluid flow, interaction between fluid layers and pipe materials, and losses in transmission

Problem Management

Manage the lifecycle of problems to prevent problems and incidents from occurring, eliminate recurring incidents and minimise impact of unavoidable incidents

Process Validation

Verify that processes are reproducible and consistent in delivering quality products according to specifications, and in line with international regulations

Process Validation - Procurement

Verify that processes are reproducible and consistent in delivering quality products according to specifications and in line with international regulations

Product Testing Management

Develop product testing protocols and procedures based on product specifications to test and determine the full characteristics of product profiles

Project Coordination

Coordinate project activities and workflows in collaboration with project teams and relevant stakeholders, as determined by project plans, to fulfil expected project outcomes and objectives

Project Management - Engineering

Manage engineering projects and work areas by setting objectives, project plans, methodologies and timelines to ensure successful outcomes

Quality Assurance Management

Establish and implement quality assurance (QA) parameters and procedures to ensure compliance with the organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS) requirements

Quality Control Management

Establish and implement quality control (QC) systems and procedures to ensure the quality of products meet desired levels of standards and compliance at all stages

Quality Engineering

Create, deploy and maintain quality-related systems, processes and tools to establish an environment that supports process and product quality

Radio Frequency Engineering

Design, deploy and maintain radio frequency infrastructure for IT systems and wireless communication networks

Risk Management - Workplace Safety and Health

Apply appropriate methodologies to assess workplace safety and health risks within an organisation

Robotic and Automation Technology Application

Integrate robotic and automation technologies in the Built Environment, including construction, operations and maintenance to enhance productivity and precision and to reduce reliance on manual tasks

Security Administration

Administer, configure and update of security programmes and mechanisms, including the application of system patches to ensure that enterprise assets are adequately protected against threats. This also includes the authorisation, management and monitoring of access control permissions and/or rights to various IT facilities

Security Assessment and Testing

Conduct threat modelling, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to reveal vulnerabilities or lapses in the existing systems or security mechanisms and evaluate the extent to which systems are able to protect the organisation's data and maintain functionality as intended

Security Education and Awareness

Drive security education and awareness in an organisation by providing advice and guidance on potential risks, mitigation strategies and best practices. This includes development of communication strategies and training materials to ensure employee adoption and adherence to security policies and standards

Security Programme Management

Develop and manage security solutions, products and services through technology innovation, experimentation and collaboration. This includes security programme planning, developing and testing new security capabilities and implementing security technologies and programmes

Self-learning Systems

Design and develop self-learning systems using reinforcement learning and evolutionary learning techniques

Smart Facilities Management

Integrate digital technologies and smart automation into facility operations and maintenance to optimise efficiency and performance

Software Configuration

Configure software products and apply scripts and automation tools to integrate and deploy software releases to various platforms and operating environments. This includes subsequent modifications to software configuration, based on outcomes of systems and/or configuration tests

Software Testing

Assess and test the overall effectiveness and performance of an application, involving the setting up of suitable testing conditions, definition of test cases and/or technical criteria

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Assessment

Assess feasibility of solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations for buildings based on location and energy assessments

System Integration

Develop and implement a roadmap and specific integration solutions to facilitate integration of various ICT components and optimise inter-operability of systems and their interfaces. This includes the integration of various architectural components such as networks, servers, system platforms and their interfaces

Test Planning

Develop a test strategy and systematic test procedures to verify and ensure that a product, system or technical solution meets its design specifications as well as the performance, load and volume levels set out. This includes the ability to define when different requirements will be verified across the product life stages, the tools used to perform the test, the data and/or resources needed to conduct the tests and testware in test cases, test scripts, test reports and test plans required

Text Analytics and Processing

Identify, extract and analyse text data using text analytics solutions to discover themes, patterns and trends

Threat Intelligence and Detection

Monitor intelligence-gathering and anticipate potential threats to an ICT system proactively. This involves the pre-emptive analysis of potential perpetrators, anomalous activities and evidence-based knowledge and inferences on perpetrators' motivations and tactics

Vendor Management

Manage vendor relationships by ensuring performance as per contracts, operations within standards established by the organisation such as adherence to safety, security, and compliance standards

Warehouse Space Utilisation

Optimise spaces for storage of items in warehouses

Workflow Management

Manage operations to ensure timely and quality delivery of construction outcomes

Learning and Development

Develop knowledge, skills and abilities of self or employees to support the capability development needs of the organisation

In-Flight Customer Services

Provide quality customer services to ensure comfort and safety of passengers during flights


Compare organisational performance to other organisations and industries

Capital Management

Calculate capital adequacy ratios to determine capital buffers necessary for the bank or financial institution, while optimising returns on capital based on capital allocation strategies


Develop and apply procurement processes related to the solicitation of technology services through external providers. This includes the review of proposals, setting of vendor selection guidelines, risk assessment through appropriate audits and tests and selection of external service providers based on stipulated evaluation criteria

Environmental Quality Monitoring (EQM)

Understand, assess and analyse the quality of environmental parameters in the preparation of environmental impact assessments and develop information for reporting to national policymakers, international forums and the public

Organisational Design

Develop and facilitate the implementation of organisational design to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with stakeholders' priorities

Policy Implementation and Revision

Identify priority areas for policy development and evaluate existing policies to determine currency and relevance before implementing policies

Policy Implementation and Revision

Identify priority areas for policy development and evaluate existing policies to determine currency and relevance before implementing policies

Chromatography Equipment Operation and Control

Operate chromatography systems in biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities

Cleaning and Sterilising

Clean and sterilise equipment, systems and materials for biopharmaceuticals production

Consumer Intelligence Analysis

Devise frameworks for consumer intelligence analysis to develop an understanding of customer knowledge from various customer touch points, for example, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point-of-Sale (POS) and e-Commerce systems

Content Management

Create, curate and manage the organisation's web assets and content using appropriate systems and platforms to engage prospects and customers on the organisation's value propositions

Content Strategy

Develop a content strategy to include the conceptualisation and mapping of digital storyboards as well as the optimisation of content delivery parameters to market the organisation's products and services

Control Room Operations Management

Perform control room operations in order to monitor and control process units and utilities in a safe and reliable condition by using process control Distributed Control System (DCS)

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Devise customer behaviour analysis tools and approaches and perform analysis on information pertaining to customer behaviours

Customer Experience Management

Develop and implement a cohesive end-to-end customer journey and experience to engage a population of customers with changing profiles, demands and buying patterns

Automated Process Control

Use automated process control to reduce process variations and detect process deviations

Autonomous Systems Technology Application

Integrate autonomous systems and technologies in operational workflows, including processes, maintenance, logistics and plant surveillance, to enhance productivity and precision, and reduce reliance on manual tasks

Bioreactor Operation and Control

Operate bioreactors in biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities

Business Development

Explore and establish strategic business opportunities for the organisation and translate market research and/or analysis into viable leads. This would encompass identification of new markets and potential customers, active generation and pursuit of leads and commercial opportunities, regular engagement with relevant industries to introduce and promote the organisation's IT products, services or offerings

Cell Culture

Maintain both microbial and mammalian cell cultures as pure cultures during the upstream stages of production

Due Professional Care

Apply care and skill expected of a prudent and competent internal auditor

Electricity Metering Data Management

Manage and process electricity metering data for electricity market settlements by Energy Market Company, billings by retail electricity licensees or market support service licensees and to resolve issues with end users, metering equipment service providers or meter readers

Environmental Management System Framework Development and Implementation

Develop Environmental Management System (EMS) frameworks and implement procedures and practices to ensure compliance with legal and organisational requirements as well as commitment to environment protection

Filtration Equipment Operation and Control

Operate filtration equipment in biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities

Flexible Facilities Implementation

Facilitate implementation and changeover of flexible facilities, integrating single-use technologies with flexible manufacturing operations

Gas Metering Data Management

Manage and process metering data to resolve issues by end users

Good Manufacturing Practices Implementation

Implement Current Good Manufacturing Practices in the design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities to ensure the potency, quality, and purity of biopharmaceuticals products

Gas Network System Management

Manage the gas network system and equipment in accordance with the relevant principles and processes

Hazards and Risk Identification and Management

Implement a systematic approach for hazard identification and risk assessment so as to effectively eliminate or reduce risks

Incident Investigation Management

Apply a systematic and objective approach in workplace incident and accident investigations which include responding, reporting, gathering data and information, root cause analyses, implementation and review of corrective and preventive measures, to prevent recurrence of incidents and accidents

Integrated Marketing

Develop and execute a marketing plan on and across various channels and platforms as well as the tracking of customers' response and effectiveness to marketing communications on these channels. This also includes the integration of traditional and digital marketing channels and techniques where applicable

Internal Audit Engagement Execution

Execute and review internal audit engagements, document and communicate findings in accordance with the International Professional Practices Framework

Internal Audit Function Management

Develop and manage the Internal Audit function

Internal Audit Quality Assurance

Develop the Quality Assurance and Improvement Programme

Inventory Management

Formulate and implement inventory management strategies targeted at ensuring availability of equipment, tools and materials for maintenance work

Vendor Management - Supply Chain

Manage vendor by ensuring adherence to contract terms and organisational safety and operating requirements

Workplace Safety and Health Framework Development and Implementation

Develop Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) frameworks and implement procedures and practices to ensure a safe and reliable workplace environment

Workplace Safety and Health Hazard Identification and Risk Control Management

Implement a systematic approach for hazard identification and risk assessment to effectively eliminate or reduce risks

Major Hazard Installation Safety Case Management

Develop Major Hazard Installation (MHI) Safety Cases to mitigate risks arising from major accident hazards, and reduce risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)

Audit and Compliance

Develop compliance processes and audit strategy for the organisation to review adherence to statutory regulatory and standards assessment and organisation's internal controls to align with changing compliance standards.

Cyber and Data Breach Incident Management

Detect and report cyber and data-related incidents, identify affected systems and user groups, trigger alerts and announcements to relevant stakeholders and efficient resolution of the situation.

Business Development - Stakeholder and Customer Management

Identify new business opportunities to better meet the needs of existing markets and bring benefits to the organisation

Internal Audit Engagement Planning

Determine priorities of the internal audit and plan the timing and scope of audit procedures and resources

Project Planning

Identify, adapt, and streamline project deliverables by accounting for risks and planning for contingencies to help the team implement and close projects.

Education for Health and wellbeing- Programme Implementation

Describe, develop and review implementation plans to educate and influence beliefs, practices and norms of school systems and local communities with an objective to ensure children and young people have access to safe, inclusive and health-promoting learning environments

Health Emergency Detection and Assessment

Categorise, asses, and oversee health risk assessments to detect the results and implications of a public health threat, while communicating with relevant stakeholders

Operations Reporting Protocol Application

Perform operations reporting in accordance with the organisation's communication protocol, procedures and systems

Plant Economic Modelling

Develop plant economic models for current operations, and growth scenarios according to business plans, to forecast optimal plant and economic configurations for supply and demand

Power Generation Process Control and Monitoring

Perform process control and monitoring in power generation plants to drive operational efficiency

Pricing Strategy

Develop an effective and agile pricing strategy for IT products and services based on a range of internal and external factors

Process Equipment Preparation for Mechanical Work

Prepare process plant and equipment so that they are decommissioned before and commissioned after mechanical work respectively in accordance with safe work practices

Process Operations Troubleshooting

Perform a structured approach in process operations troubleshooting by using appropriate tools, techniques and engineering documents to identify and locate causes of problems and correct them in a safe and reliable manner

Process Safety Management Framework Development and Implementation

Develop Process Safety Management (PSM) frameworks and implement procedures and practices to ensure the integrity and reliability of safeguards and protection systems within process plant operations

Process Unit and Utilities Operations Management

Operate, monitor and control process units and utilities in order to manage process operations and planning to meet organisational business targets

Production Optimisation

Manage production processes and resources to maximise performance

Production Planning and Scheduling

Establish and implement strategic production planning and scheduling to meet production targets and cycle time indices

Production Planning

Execute the production plans to meet production targets and cycle time indices

Production Resource Management

Define productivity targets and allocate resources to support and synchronise production processes

Safe System of Work Development and Implementation

Develop Safe System of Work (SSoW) frameworks and implement practices to ensure a safe and reliable environment for operations, maintenance and contracting activities

Safety Integrity Levels Management

Analyse and determine appropriate Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) for the selection of safety protection devices and systems to ensure hardware and software meet SIL-rated requirements

Steam and Water Quality Control Management

Manage overall water quality control in power generation operations

Supply Chain Management

Develop and maintain supply chain processes, comprising feedstock, production, storage, and export, to ensure supply and demand are managed in an integrated manner and in full alignment with production availability, downtime, plant turnarounds and market conditions

Technical Sales Support

Develop preliminary technical solutions, proposal or initial prototypes to address customers' needs. This includes analysis and diagnosis of customers' technical requirements, design of proof of concept, and delivery of product demonstrations and/or customisation samples as part of broader end-to-end solution to customers

Technical Service Process Management

Manage town gas technical service workflows to ensure efficient service delivery within regulatory requirements

Learning and Development

Manage employees’ learning and development activities to maximise employee’ potential and capabilities to contribute to the organisation

Learning Needs Analysis

Identify the learning needs of the learners’ workplace, department or division in accordance to the Learning Needs Analysis framework

Pharmaceutical Equipment Maintenance

Manage pharmacy equipment including the maintenance and procurement of equipment

Pharmacy Information Technology Management

Maintain and enhance pharmacy information technology systems and workflows to ensure optimum performance

Pricing Strategy

Analyse product, organisational and market factors, trends, pricing scenarios and valuation models to develop effective pricing strategies for products and solutions

Product Design and Development

Manage new product design and development from research, conceptualisation, design, development, gatekeeping, piloting, market testing and evaluation to meet anticipated or known customer and market needs. This includes evaluating product suitability against defined requirements

Product Performance Management

Determine effectiveness of financial products through measurement and analysis of data to enable continued performance in meeting intended goals

Professional, Legal and Ethical Healthcare Practice

Apply legal and ethical principles and professional code of conduct to uphold the integrity and reputation of the organisation and the profession

Market Research

Establish procedures in gathering, analysing and interpreting information about markets, products or services to be offered in a particular market and present findings to relevant stakeholders

Programme Delivery

Deliver learning experiences according to the profile and learning needs of the students, staff or professionals, including the provision of mentorship or coaching.

Medication Dispensing

Process prescriptions and medication orders and dispense medication accurately. Resolve medication incidents including dispensing errors and near misses.

Programme Design

Plan, design and develop learning experiences that fulfil required skills and competency outcomes

Medication Management in Nursing

Perform safe handling and administration of medication

Medication Reconciliation in Pharmacy Support

Create the most accurate list possible of all medications consumed by a patient to ensure accurate and complete medication information transfer during transitions of care

Medication Safety

Comply and promote medication safety practices and manage medication errors

Mobility and Ambulation Assistance in Nursing

Provide mobility and ambulation assistance to patients

Non-sterile Compounding

Prepare and perform small scale compounding of extemporaneous pharmaceutical products

Risk Mitigation Planning

Identify Risks, develop risk mitigation plans and ensure business continuity by organisational preparedness

Nutrition and Fluids Management in Nursing

Support patients in maintaining optimal nutrients and fluids to meet the body requirements

Operational Continuity Planning

Develop and implement business continuity plans for organisational preparedness of disruptive events

Business Performance Management

Implement organisational performance systems to meet business plans and objectives by establishing performance indicators, tracking progress and addressing gaps

Business Risk Assessment

Articulate, communicate and assess organisational risk appetite frameworks and risk statements across the organisation

Care Transition in Nursing

Provide continuity of care to patients across different settings to ensure smooth transition within teams and across settings

Cargo Receipt and Inspection

Conduct cargo operations associated with the instructions, procedures and labels relevant to the processing of the receipt and delivery of containers and cargo

Public Relations Management

Manage organisation's strategic direction in the management of the organisation's corporate reputation.

Ambulatory Care Service Support

Provide support to team in the provision of ambulatory care services in pharmacist-led services

Quality Improvement and Safe Practices

Drive continuous improvement, risk management and implementation of safety design principles to achieve quality and patient safety outcomes

Analysis of Research Data

Analyse research data, interpret results generated and link them to the research question or related findings in scientific literature

Self-Assessment (Reflective Practice)

Conduct regular self-assessment of own competence in order to continuously develop as a professional

Respiratory Care in Nursing

Care of patients with respiratory disorders

Assistive Devices Prescription in Occupational Therapy

Prescribe the appropriate therapeutic aids, devices, and equipment as required by clients

Risk Governance

Identify, evaluate and manage risks by developing and implementing risk management strategies, frameworks, policies, procedures and practices

Audit Management

Ensure the quality of services adheres to standards and develop initiatives to enhance quality

Automated Distribution Management

Maintain, oversee and review automated processes and systems within a department

Sales Strategy

Develop a sales strategy, plan and targets, considering market potential, industry trends and various internal and external business factors as well as the evaluation and further refinement of the sales strategy

Billing Procedures

Perform and manage billing procedures and finance-related activities

Sales Target Management

Evaluate and monitor sales target and performance to plan and initiate actions to achieve excellence in sales delivery

Business Continuity Management

Manage plans to establish processes and procedures so as to minimise interruptions to critical business functions and to re-establish full functionality to organisation as soon as possible

Case History Taking in Physiotherapy

Establish patients’ case history

Client Advocacy

Advocate for rights of client groups and services

Client Assessment for Occupational Therapy

Select, apply and interpret assessment methods and tools appropriate to individuals and/or groups

Client Assessment in Therapy Support

Provide support to therapists in performing client assessments

Clinical Governance

Establish clinical frameworks for professional practice to ensure alignment with regulatory frameworks and organisational objectives

Clinical Incident Management in Rehabilitation Therapy

Manage clinical incidents and severe adverse events

Service Quality Management - Health

Manage, develop and review the quality with which services are provided to clients

Staff Training Facilitation

Identify training needs and coordinate staff training according to customised training roadmaps to improve employees' skills and capabilities

Staff Training Management

Identify training, coordinate or manage staff training according to customised training roadmaps to improve employees' skills and capabilities

Sterile Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products

Process orders and prescriptions, assist in compounding of sterile products and review quality of finished products

Clinical Records Documentation and Management in Rehabilitation Therapy

Appropriate documenting and managing of client information to support clinical services

Clinical Services Development

Drive and maintain clinical excellence through development of services

Clinical Support for Patient Service Associates

Assist with clinical duties or perform simple clinical procedures during consultation as instructed by registered practitioners and according to organisational guidelines and procedures

Clinical Teaching and Supervision

Provide clinical teaching and supervision to develop capabilities and competencies of students and professionals

Clinical Investigational Drug Management

Manage preparation, receipt, dispatch and storage of Clinical Investigational Drug (CID)

Continuous Improvement Management

Apply continuous improvement processes to optimise operating costs, task efficiency and effectiveness in production, services and processes

Strategy Execution

Develop and implement plans to achieve organisational and departmental strategies and goals

Strategy Management

Develop and implement plans to achieve organisational and departmental strategies

Technology Application

Apply and integrate evaluated technologies into organisation operations or processes to achieve desired outcomes

Therapeutic Equipment Prescription in Physiotherapy

Prescribe the appropriate therapeutic aids, devices, and equipment as required by clients

Therapy Discharge Planning

Assess clients’ readiness for discharge, and identify appropriate follow-up on the care to be provided to patients and/or clients

Therapy Intervention Implementation

Provide the appropriate interventions based on clients’ needs and conditions

Treasury Management

Balance and optimise the organisation’s cash needs and cash balances, to determine the optimal financing of working capital and manage foreign exchange and interest rate exposures

Corporate Governance

Establish guide and endorse organisation’s corporate governance and compliance policies. This includes being aware of the regulatory frameworks and global leading practices in similar organisations.

Credit Risk Management

Establish organisation’s financial and credit policies and frameworks to identify, assess and manage organisation’s credit risk exposure

Curriculum Design

Plan and design curricula that fulfil desired outcomes to build workforce capability

Customer Acquisition Management

Develop customer acquisition strategies as well as foster customer relationships to attract new customers

Customer Experience Management

Compile and analyse information gathered through various channels and manage communication across customer touch points to ensure a consistent and pleasant customer experience

Customer Relationship Management - Stakeholder Management

Establish strategies and practices to manage customer interactions through the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth

Dangerous Goods Management

Perform specialised services covering dangerous goods operations for regulatory compliance and customer requirements

Data Analytics - Business Insights

Implement data analytics within the organisation to generate business insights and intelligence through the use of statistical and computational techniques and tools, algorithms, predictive data modelling and data visualisation


Research and analyse information to perform valuation for business and financial assets in accordance with applicable frameworks and regulatory requirements

Workplace Safety and Health

Establish a workplace safety and health system as well as maintain and comply with Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policies and procedures

Wound Management in Nursing

Provide wound care management in patient care delivery

Development on Intervention Plan for Physiotherapy

Develop targeted intervention plans according to client conditions and needs

Disruption Management

Lead radical changes based on upcoming trends in industry or business strategies involving new products or services that create new markets and challenge the incumbent business models

Document Management for Pharmacy Support

Establish and implement documentation policies to facilitate referencing of information and comply with regulatory requirements

Drug Distribution and Inventory Management

Manage the inventory and the distribution of pharmaceutical products to ensure the quality and integrity of product supply

Effective Client Communication

Demonstrate effective communicative skills when communicating with clients and caregivers

Effective Communication in Nursing

Demonstrate efficient communication to promote patients’ physical and mental well-being to achieve health-related goals

Emergency Care Management in Nursing

Manage patients requiring emergency care

Environmental Assessment and Modification for Physiotherapy

Assess and recommend appropriate environmental modifications based on client needs in their homes, schools and/or workplaces

Excellence in Service - Health

Create strategies to foster positive customer and/or patient experiences and deliver service excellence throughout the engagement lifecycle

Fraud Risk Management

Evaluate organisation’s potential for occurrence of fraud, identify and implement fraud control opportunities and develop fraud risk awareness throughout the organisation

Frontline Services Management

Manage patient reception for medical appointment scheduling, registration, and/or patients’ admission and discharge procedures

Goal Setting in Rehabilitation Therapy

Set appropriate treatment goals

Group Therapy Planning and Implementation

Plan and provide group therapy interventions

Client Education in Rehabilitation Therapy

Communicate with clients and caregivers to deliver and facilitate the continuity of care

Client Education in Therapy Support

Provide support to therapists in delivering and facilitating continuity of care with clients and caregivers

Inter-professional Collaboration

Apply an integrated approach to coordinate and deliver inter-professional interventions to clients

Research Translation

Translate research findings into practice

Import and Export Documentation Administration

Administer shipping documents associated with the import and export of goods

Individual and Cultural Diversity

Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity in working professionally with diverse individuals, groups and communities who represent various cultural and personal backgrounds and characteristics

Infection Prevention and Control in Nursing Practice

Prevent the spread of infectious agents through infection control practices and regular audits to ensure preventive measures are in place

Patient Care Delivery in Nursing

Provide comprehensive, evidence-based nursing care according to plan of care to achieve optimal patient outcomes

Patient Education on Use of Prescribed Drugs

Provide patient counselling and patient education in accordance with institutions’ protocols

Patient Empowerment on Self-care

Empower patients and family members in self-care management through health coaching

Intervention Implementation in Therapy Support

Provide support to therapists in performing interventions

Intervention Planning in Occupational Therapy

Develop targeted intervention plans according to client conditions and clinical practice guidelines

Performance Management for Nursing

Manage performance and development of nursing staff

Intervention Planning in Speech Therapy

Plan interventions with appropriate treatment goals for clients

Inventory Control and Equipment Maintenance in Rehabilitation Care

Perform inventory control and maintain equipment for the therapy department

Inventory Management in Rehabilitation Therapy

Manage inventory control of the department

Inventory Procurement for Pharmacy Support

Support, plan, execute and review the procurement of drugs

Knowledge Management - Technology

Develop knowledge management systems to ensure that all systems supporting knowledge management work in an integrated fashion

Learner Assessments

Evaluate learners’ knowledge to develop self-regulated learners

Audit Management - Quality

Review organisational objectives, policies, procedures, structure, controls and systems to verify that the organisation’s activities are efficiently managed

Market Research

Plan and conduct marketing and digital research and analysis to uncover market, customer and competitor trends in order to extract useful business insights. This also includes the evaluation of marketing activity effectiveness and development of ways to optimise marketing efforts

Market Trend Analysis

Devise the framework, manage and conduct the situational analysis process to uncover market trends and industry developments to identify new opportunities

Marketing Campaign Management

Develop evaluation strategies for marketing campaign effectiveness and analyse data to provide recommendations for improvements in future marketing campaigns

Marketing Communications Plan Development

Formulate, develop and implement marketing communications plans and evaluate tools and vehicles appropriate to reflect effective execution of communication strategies

Marketing Strategy

Define an organisational marketing strategy, consider critical industry trends, customer segments and market developments as well as the communication and implementation of the strategy

Materials Management

Manage biopharmaceuticals materials and materials flow according to established procedures for meeting batch requirements

Media Platforms Management

Drive organisational policies and procedures for media use as well as develop and implement media plans in business while evaluating their effectiveness

Media Strategy Development

Develop, execute and evaluate media strategies and plans to assess impact of media advertising across channels in relation to target customers

Network Monitoring and Control Management

Manage the monitoring of network system, control processes and operating procedures

Network Monitoring, Control and Supply Restoration

Monitor round-the-clock status of distribution networks and carry out network remote switching and/or supply restoration

Manufacturing Equipment Operation and Control

Operate production equipment ensuring optimal conditions for biopharmaceuticals manufacturing production

Manufacturing Systems Operation and Control

Operate technical systems in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals

Market Demand and Feedstock Management

Manage feed supply for market demand and respond to feed shortfall, opportunity realisation for feed surplus and/or changes in customer demand

Cleaning Validation

Validate processes and methods for achieving required standards of cleanliness

Computerised Quality Systems Validation

Commission computerised systems for use in biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities

Computerised Systems Validation

Commission computerised systems for use in manufacturing facilities

Continuing Professional Development Management

Facilitate the implementation of continuing professional development plans within the organisation to extend, update and maintain the technical competences of professionals

Critical Thinking

Examine, manage and connect issues and ideas from multiple perspectives to identify reasoning in a variety of fields with differing assumptions, contents and methods

Customer Service Innovation Management

Identify elements that form customer expectations and develop new methods to design, innovate and achieve desirable levels of customer experience

Analytical Method Validation

Verify analytical methods used to ensure accuracy, validity and reliability

Applied Research and Development Management

Manage applied Research and Development (R&D) projects and activities to innovate and develop new products and processes

Business-to-Business Customer Relationship Management

Manage relationships with stakeholders for account management, retention and business development purposes

Business-to-Consumer Management

Execute customer management strategies to complete sales of products and services to the satisfaction of customers

Design Sketching

Communicate and visualise ideas and designs in accurate form, perspective and proportion through drawing

Dispute Resolution

Manage disputes by implementing appropriate resolution approaches to find solutions to disagreements

Dispute Settlement

Conduct investigations and resolve disputes with third parties

Document Control

Implement documentation policies to facilitate the referencing of information for processes, systems and equipment, and to comply with regulatory requirements

Emergency Response and Crisis Management Development and Implementation

Develop and maintain the Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) framework in accordance with legislative and organisational requirements, comprising policies, standards and procedures

Emergency Response Management

Manage emergency response plans for the range of contingencies affecting work operations such as fire, explosion, power failure, chemical spillage, leakages, collapses, flooding, falling from height and other types of emergencies

Emergency Energy Response Management

Respond to emergencies by executing emergency response plans and procedures to mitigate the impact of emergency incidents

Learning and Development Framework Management

Develop and apply a learning and development framework to manage competency and capability development for the organisation

Learning and Development- ICT

Manage employees’ learning and development activities to maximise employee’ potential and capabilities to contribute to the organisation

Materials Qualification

Manage the quality of materials to ensure material specifications conform to product requirements

Life Cycle Costing and Analysis

Analyse, estimate and manage costs for cost efficiency and value maximisation throughout building life cycle

Engineering Safety Standards Interpretation

Design and implement appropriate safety and safeguarding engineering solutions standards in accordance with legislative requirements and industry best practices

Learning and Development- Construction

Manage employees’ learning and development activities to maximise employee’ potential and capabilities to contribute to the organisation

Packaging Validation

Validate the methodologies and processes applied to package biopharmaceutical products to maintain quality standards and regulatory compliance

People and Performance Management

Establish organisation-wide performance management strategies to facilitate performance management, including identification of key performance indicators and employee performance assessment

Permit Management

Manage the process for obtaining the required project permits, and the compliance to permit conditions following approval

Process Control - Quality Management

Apply process control to monitor and optimise process plant performance and quality of production output

Process Monitoring

Verify that routine manufacturing processes are consistently within a state of control

Procurement Management

Manage the overall procurement process of equipment and engineering services

Procurement Performance Monitoring

Monitor procurement performance to cut costs, alleviate risks, and drive continuous process improvement by measuring and analysing vendor and process efficiency

Project Cost

Set budgets, monitor costs and assess budget implications of projects on operations

Personnel Policy Management

Implement People Policies, identify priority areas for policy development and evaluate existing policies to determine currency and relevance before implementing policies

Wages & Salary Administration

Design compensation strategies, implement compensation plans which include defining the organisation’s talent requirements, functional roles, job role descriptions, reporting lines, accountabilities and responsibilities and balance with capacity to pay

Competency Management

Using competencies in various facets of People Management functions and it usually also covers managing the change

Outcome based Monitoring

Implement scheme's performance systems to meet overall operational plans and objectives by establishing performance indicators, tracking progress and addressing gaps

Workflow Design

Analyse business processes and workflows within the organisation and identification of new approaches to completely redesign business activities or optimise performance, quality and speed of services or processes.

Organisation Evaluation

Evaluate factors that can affect the organization’s performance as well as strategically assessing the organization’s own resources and potential for improvement

Operational Agility

Organise the business, work activities and people in ways that enable the organisation to readily adapt to changes in its internal or external environment, whilst achieving desired outcomes and delivering value to customers

Organisation Performance Analysis

Operationalise a business strategy on the planning and development of business structures and models to facilitate the evolution of a business to its desired future state.

Organisation Planning & Target Setting

Identify and prioritise strategic needs of the organisation to determine key performance indicators to achieve established goals

Quality Assurance Management- Food

Establish and implement Quality Assurance procedures and conduct audits to ensure compliance with food safety and legislative requirements

Quality Assurance Management- Chemicals

Establish and implement quality assurance (QA) parameters and procedures to ensure compliance with the organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS) requirements

Quality System Management

Establish quality assurance policy and management system for services to ensure compliance with internal quality requirements, client expectations, international quality standards and/or regulations

Regulatory Submission and Clearance

Manage the processes for obtaining the required project approvals, permits, and the compliance to regulatory conditions

Staff Development Management

Manage staff capabilities and competency-based development through learning and development activities to build a skilled workforce

Systems Thinking

Identify, analyse and evaluate relationships among systems’ parts, with the use of simulation tools and systems thinking techniques and frameworks to understand situations and drive change for improvements

Technical Inspection

Execute formal inspection exercises to ensure quality, safety, and reliability adhering with technical specifications and compliance requirements

Technical Services Management

Manage technical service support to deliver innovative technical solutions and industry applications of products to customers and markets

Third Party Management

Manage third parties such as contractors, suppliers and vendors to ensure control of work and compliance is in full alignment with the organisation’s policies and standards

Trainer and Assessor Development Management

Develop and apply trainer and assessor development plans to ensure high quality of workplace learning and assessment programmes are in place

Valuation Approaches and Methodologies

Apply valuation approaches and methodologies to arrive at valuation conclusions

Workplace Safety and Health Culture Development

Create and maintain a Workplace Safety and Health culture based on a common set of attitudes, behaviours and competencies

Valuation Research and Analysis

Research and analyse information to arrive at a valuation conclusions

Training, Coaching and Assessment Management

Deliver competency-based on-the-job training, coaching and assessment in line with the processes and procedures of the learning and development framework

Organisation Design

Integrate the different workflows, information flows and decision-making systems that create a structure and roles & responsibilities that enable individuals to perform their best at all times

Air Cargo Operations Management

Manage and implement processes and activities to build and develop air cargo operations

Public Health Systems

Plan, design, and implement policies focusing on assessing, and improving the overall public health systems

Vaccine Supplies and Logistics

Oversee, review and manage vaccine supplies and logistics systems to ensure efficient distribution of vaccines in order to prevent and control vaccine-preventable diseases.

Financial Transaction Modelling

Prepare business documentation and cash balances.

Employee Engagement

Understand and applies processes, systems and tools that integrate an employee with the larger organisation while balancing their well-being and high performance within the team

Partnership and Resource Mobilisation

Oversee partnership and resource mobilisation strategy development and implementation towards fulfilment institution’s objectives

Transgender Persons Welfare Management

Planning and executing schemes and programs aimed at the rehabiliation, empowerment and skilling of members of the transgender community

Data Analytics - Education

Use and interpret data analytics to assess and evaluate educational data in order to improve learning outcomes and education quality.

Evidence-based classroom instruction

Assess learning needs through assessments and feedback to incorporate various modalities of learning materials to engage learners and address thor diverse learning needs, interests, and goals.

IT Governance

Set and monitor IT infrastructure, information, digital services and associated technology. This involves developing policies and practices to govern the organisation's approach toward handling and using IT products and services in order to ensure conformance with regulations and accountability in decision making in alignment with the business strategic plans and service standards

Community Engagement

Engaging with citizens and members of civil society organisations to gather inputs and feedback as well as explore opportunities for collaboration with the aim of improving service delivery and making governance more citizen-centric

IT Standards

Develop and review of standard operating procedures as well as service expectations for IT-related activities and processes. This includes the provision of clear guidelines for the organisation to carry out IT-related tasks in a manner that is effective, efficient and consistent with the IT service standards and quality standards of the organisation

Senior Citizen Welfare Management

Design programs, identify frameworks and best practices as well as champion policy that enables senior citizens to live a life of good health, dignity and respect

PPP contracts

Drafts a range of PPP contracts based on the size and type of project, considering the enabling factors required for successful implementation.

Impact measurement

Define, identify, develop, and manage impact measurement processes to reflect the reality of projects and programs.

Data Strategy

Develop a robust and coherent data strategy and support architectures, policies, practices and procedures that enable the organisation to manage and utilise data in an effective manner. This includes introduction of innovative ways of organising, managing and integrating the data of the organisation to ensure their viability and ability to drive business value. It also includes the setting of information storage, sharing, handling and usage protocols to support alignment with relevant legislation and business strategies

Business Needs Analysis

Identify and scope business requirements and priorities of the internal organisation and/or customer’s organisation, through rigorous information gathering and analyses as well as clarification of the solutions, initiatives and programmes to enable effective delivery. This also involves the development of a compelling and defensible business case and the articulation of the potential impact of the solution on the business

Compliance Mindset Development

Design and deliver training materials on regulatory compliance topics to spread awareness and encourage adoption of a compliance mindset and behaviours

Business Requirements Mapping

Map business requirements to existing processes to identify gaps or opportunities for possible solutions and evaluate impact of solutions against requirements to propose adjustments as needed

Quality Assurance Management

Implement quality assurance procedures and conduct audits to ensure compliance

Test Planning

Develop testing plans and procedures by determining scope and risks, identifying the objects of testing, selecting test methods and tools, and controlling test implementation

Financial Planning

Evaluate and develop budget in line with organisation’s strategies and plans

Financial Statements Review

Review financial statements in accordance with applicable frameworks and regulatory requirements

Legal Drafting and Writing

Produce legal documents through the identification, application and presentation of relevant facts and laws to communicate specific messages in an organised and logical format

Management Decision Making

Make financial decisions based on management reports

Asset and Liability Management

Address risks faced by financial institutions or banks due to mismatch between assets and liabilities by performing capital, liquidity, interest rate and balance sheet management.

Demand and Supply Analysis

Analyse and assess market dynamics to uncover demand and supply outlook of products to enable better positioning and identification of opportunities and suitability of offerings

Design Concepts Generation

Build preliminary ideas on innovative design concepts and different ways to address needs and opportunities of target stakeholders

Service Coaching

Coach staff to deliver service in accordance with organisation’s service vision, mission and values

Food and Beverage Quality Assurance Framework Development

Establish quality standards and safety requirements for food and beverages served during flights

Cargo Transit and Transhipment Management

Administer documentation and storage of transit and transhipment cargo before shipments to final destinations

Public Health Ethics

Document, support, and apply public health ethics for decision-making processes, while prioritising the role of cultural, social, and behavioural factors associated with ethics.

Design Thinking Practice

Manage design thinking methodologies and processes to solve specific challenges for the organisation, and guide stakeholders through the phases of inspiration, empathy, ideation and implementation

Business Negotiation

Conduct negotiations to establish win-win outcomes for the organisation

Human Resource Policies and Legislation Framework Management

Develop and review human resource (HR) policies and procedures against organisational needs, and in compliance to legislative, ethical and regulatory standards

Business Planning

Translate organisational vision, mission and values into business operational plans as well as to review outcomes for continuous improvements

PLCP Procedural Compliance

Regularly implements consultations in accordance with the main tenets of the policy goes beyond compliance and advocates consultations within government and outside of it, builds long term capacity that is sustainable and situates PLCP in the good governance practices.

Vigilance Management (user-testing)

Demonstrate and apply knowledge, and guide others on vigilance matters to maintain procedural compliance, identify malpractice/corruption prone spots, and develop systems and procedures to strengthen vigilance

Parliamentary Work

Oversee and Monitor preparation, maintenance and management of systems and processes to assist in effective information dissemination toward the smooth conduct of the parliamentary affairs

Noting and Drafting

Draft and analyse a note, in order to move a proposal for decision making based on the availability of evidence and existing rules and precedents.

Record Management

Maintain, classify, review, and dispose records to judiciously manage information - with conviction, justification and righteousness across an organisation’s life-cycle, while supporting the documentation of organisational history.

Office Procedures

Monitor and Encourage procedural compliance for secretarial work in accordance with the latest manual on office procedure (CSMOP) towards productive and responsive administration

Grievance Handling

Practices, establishes, and modifies grievance redressal procedures specific to a ministry/department/organisation (MDO), while generating awareness about their importance to the public.

Policy Analysis

Understand, gather, and evaluate qualitative and quantitative evidence to conduct relevant policy analyses, to support public policy processes.

Policy and Research Communication

Communicate research findings or policy recommendations, guidelines, summary, etc. to the relevant stakeholders (ministers, public officials, corporate partners, citizens, etc.) using communication methods

Policy Advising

Apply evidence-based analyses to advise and guide the ministry/ department/ organisation (MDO) on key policy choices and implementation strategies, while ensuring they align with long-term objectives.

Policy Development

Gather and generate evidence and apply frameworks and methods for policy formulation and analysis to ensure alignment with government priorities.

Regulatory Policy Development

Able to understand, define, and support the development of sector-specific regulatory strategies to contribute to public policies, with a focus on evolving trends in India’s regulatory environment.

Policy Design

Design policy responses using a range of tools, behaviours, and mechanisms, to solve policy problems.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Identify, develop and manage monitoring and evaluation designs and methods to deliver evidence-based data and information towards effective programme and policy decision-making

Government Scheme Design

Understand, support, develop, and guide the design of Government Schemes for socio-economic development

Financial Planning and Budget Management

Support, coordinate and monitor the creation of expenditure plans of the ministry/department in accordance with its objectives and in adherence to the budget allocation and rules laid down by the Ministry of Finance

Public Financial Management (PFM)

Understand, recognise, and evaluate the set of laws, rules, systems, and processes used by the central government to mobilise revenue, allocate public funds, undertake public spending, account for funds and audit results

Project Administration

Understand, maintain, and handle the administrative and monitoring functions of a project to ensure timely implementation of project deliverables while minimising potential project risks (such as project cost overruns, changing administrative priorities etc.)

Programme Design

Understand, support, develop, sustain, and promote evidence-based programme design using logical frameworks and theory of change concepts.


Demonstrate and apply knowledge, and guide others on vigilance matters to maintain procedural compliance, identify malpractice/corruption prone spots, and develop systems and procedures to strengthen vigilance

Budget preparation for Ministry/Department

Creation of a consolidated plan which details out the expected revenue and expenditure of a specific Ministry/Department for a given period of time (generally one financial year) with the objective of efficient use of public resources while effectively achieving the department's objectives

Stakeholder Management and Engagement

Manage stakeholder expectations and relationships to ensure continuous levels of engagement through communication, negotiation and alignment of their needs with the ministry/department/organisation's short-term and long-term objectives/policy goal

Public Procurement

Plan and support the purchase of goods, services and works by the government in accordance with established rules and procedures as well as in adherence to the goals and objectives of the project/ministry/department.

Scenario Planning and Analysis

Understand and develop scenario plans to anticipate and solve for risks and uncertainties the Indian government might face, while managing social interests and government priorities.

Data Collection and Analysis

Proactively collect, clean, analyse, and communicate data from a range of stakeholders and sources to reach a conclusion and support decision making.

Establishment Matters

Oversee recruitment, placement and training of public and cadre officials/staff towards high quality and effective administration

People First

Passion for serving people with special care for the marginalized and disadvantaged. Being approachable, welcoming, caring and rising above all biases while interacting with people. Understands the needs of the people and constantly strive to improve the services.

Financial Reporting

Prepare general-purpose financial statements and disclosure notes in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework

Crisis Situations Management/Disaster Management

Effectively identify, support, manage, and lead crisis/disaster situation teams and plans.

Report Writing

Prepares, edits, and presents reports to a range of audiences based on the requirement, considering government procedures, protocols, and guideline

Procedural Compliance - RTI matters

Demonstrates knowledge, applies, and guides others on RTI matters to maintain procedural compliance, provide reasonable assistance to persons seeking information, and situate the act within a larger good governance framework

Office Process and procedures

Ability to follow documented procedure with conviction, justification and righteousness without letting it become a road block to any public interest priority.

International cooperation

International cooperation offers a good opportunity for unifying effort and acting jointly in order to tackle the global challenges and issues such as terrorism, corruption, transnational organized and international crime, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear.

Externally aided projects

Externally aided projects represent an additional source of development finance for the states and a means for them to take up projects. They also include projects that are centrally funded but are implemented by state governments, for instance in the social forestry and family welfare sectors.

Stakeholder management

Managing communication with external stakeholders

Noting and drafting

Recording office notes and preparing drafts for communication

Maintenance of records

Keeping records properly arranged, updated, classified and in readily retrievable state

Information Security and related compliance (Administration)

"Ensure compliance of the state-specific ABDM IT infrastructure with -Various state and central-govt. driven acts/bills/guidelines -ABDM/NHA recomended Information Security policies and related guidelines -Industry-recommended security testing practices across IT infrastructure "

Stakeholder Management

End-to-end service delivery and continuty of services for all involved stakeholders in the ABDM ecosystem in that state/UT. This includes troubleshooting all IT/technology-related issues from all stakeholders interacting with the ABDM ecosystem by setting-up and managing a 24/7 helpdesk/call centre, and a grievance redressal system.

Integration with existing health infrstructure (Administration)

Drive -end-to-end integrations of the ABDM system with existing health infrastructure

Case Processor

Comprehend the case matter and suggest possible action

Incharge Training Coordination Section

Target setting, Getting requirement from Ministry/ CS Division, Annual / Quarterly calendar preparation and Faculty Subject Allocation

Traing Coordinator, Hostel-in-Charge, Horticulture-in-Charge,

Managing Institute of Secretariat and Training Hostel in addition to supervising revenue collection, supervising cleanliness, Supervising maintenance etc., Organizing Training Programmes,

Participating in extra-curricular activities

Being an active participant in games and cultural events

Attending all required classes diligently

Being a diligent student by attending all required classes and completing all required coursework

Record management in post office

Records management (RM) is the supervision and administration of digital or paper records, regardless of format. Records management activities include the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal of records. In this context, a record is content that documents a business transaction.

Assistant Section Officer

Preparation and maintenance of office records, management of stakeholders as well as provision of assistance in policy formulation and dissemination

Officer Trainee

Attend the required training programs, participate in all extracurricular activities and follow all rules and regulations laid out by the institution.

Deputy Director (Digital/ IT)

Oversee the integration of ABDM with existing state health infrastructure and ensuring seamless end-to-end service delivery specifically through management of IT infrastructure and operations

Stenographer D

Stenographer to Deputy Director

Joint Director(BT)

Lead planning, coordination and delivery of training functions assigned to Behavioural Technique Wing and guiding other faculty members. Identifying and Developing new Training Programs.

Deputy Director (Accounts)

Conducting couses relating to Accounts and Finance, acting as DDO and assisting Director ISTM in budgeting, accounts and audit.

Director (External assistance and international cooperation)

Head Post Master

The duties of a Head Postmaster are laid down in various Postal Manuals and in Financial hand Book. However, some of the important duties are as follows: Postmaster is in charge of the office, maintaining discipline and making arrangements for the smooth day-to-day function of the office. He will be in charge of Sub Accounts branch

Head - Post Master

The duties of a Head Postmaster are laid down in various Postal Manuals and in Financial hand Book. However, some of the important duties are as follows: Postmaster is in charge of the office, maintaining discipline and making arrangements for the smooth day-to-day function of the office. He will be in charge of Sub Accounts branch