Competency Framework Development

Design and develop competency frameworks, ensuring that human resource (HR) programmes are aligned to support their application across organisation levels and functions



Competency Area

Human Capital Management


Implement competency frameworks in the organisation

Identify the role of competencies in learning and development programmes

Apply competency frameworks to different learning and development programmes and processes

Explain uses of competency frameworks

Resolve queries related to elements within competency frameworks

Facilitate development of competencies and descriptors for the organisation

Interview incumbents to understand their jobs and the skills needed to perform them

Perform job analyses

Identify the relevant proficiency levels for each competency

Collaborate with line managers to develop descriptors for competencies across proficiency levels

Validate relevance of competencies with key stakeholders

Oversee implementation of competency frameworks

Design architecture of competency frameworks in line with business requirements

Determine objectives and scope of competency frameworks to be developed to support organisational needs and objectives

Lead information gathering and job analyses to identify competencies relevant to the organisation

Develop competency framework blueprints aligned to learning and development needs

Implement competency frameworks to enable learning and development

Review competency frameworks to refine relevance and applicability

Oversee the integration of competency frameworks across the organisation’s programmes and processes

Secure buy-in from senior management on the competency frameworks

Advise senior management on how competency frameworks can be applied to business functions and operations