Project Scoping

Develop project scope statements that include key activities, resource, timelines, and deliverables, to ensure the project is accomplished in a timely manner.



Competency Area

Project Management


Gathers information for project scope

Documents the steps required for project scope management (plan, collect requirements, define scope, etc.)

Aware of the boundaries and interfaces between projects and products

Gathers information on project decisions, boundaries, and assumptions for the project scope statement

Defines project scope

Defines project scope management through project outputs, outcomes, and benefits

Differentiates between project (how) versus product scope (what)

Lists key elements required for a project scope statement (activities, resources, timelines, deliverables, etc.)

Develops project scope statements

Identifies the steps required for project scope management versus the project’s scope of work

Evaluates project outputs, outcomes, and benefits to ensure project and product scope are achieved

Develops a project scope statement keeping in mind constraints, resources, and final deliverables

Oversees project scope processes

Oversees scope management processes, while ensuring open and transparent communication between all stakeholders

Partners with the product manager to align the project scope with the product scope

Presents project scope statement to key stakeholders, with a focus on deliverables, milestones, and scope exclusions