Patient Care Delivery in Nursing

Provide comprehensive, evidence-based nursing care according to plan of care to achieve optimal patient outcomes



Competency Area

Patient Care


Assist nursing team in performing daily basic patient care activities

Assist patients in admission and discharge procedures

Support clinical procedures

Perform nursing care and support patients’ activities of daily activities

Report abnormalities in patients’ condition to trained staff

Assist in transfer of patients to another unit for clinical procedures

Operate equipment and tools and pick up signs of abnormality before or during care processes

Maintain accurate and complete documentations in accordance with organisational procedures

Comply with infection prevention and control practices in performing patient care activities

Carry out plans of care

Assist in comprehensive health assessments

Implement nursing interventions according to care plans

Assist in the evaluation of nursing care plans

Monitor patients’ progress and report any changes in conditions to trained staff

Assist with prescribed investigations, procedures and treatments

Apply evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and/or clinical pathways

Support in discharge procedures and referrals

Support in monitoring compliance with infection prevention and control practices

Support trained nurses in monitoring performance of junior staff in delegated patient care activities

Manage and plan patient care

Conduct comprehensive health assessments

Formulate plans of care in collaboration with patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals

Monitor patients’ health progress against expected outcomes and review care plans according to evaluation data

Evaluate nursing care plans and delivery outcomes in consultation with multidisciplinary healthcare teams

Initiate protocol-based care treatments

Review investigation results and report any abnormalities to the medical teams

Implement evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and/or clinical pathways

Coordinate discharge plans in collaboration with healthcare team, patients, family members and caregivers

Provide supervision to junior staff in the delegated patient care activities

Maintain an environment that promote effective infection prevention and control practices

Drive evidence-based practices in nursing care management

Manage patients with complex clinical conditions

Review patients’ health status in collaboration with multidisciplinary healthcare teams

Make differential diagnoses in areas of clinical practice

Evaluate evidence-based nursing practices to achieve optimal patient outcomes

Formulate organisational guidelines on nursing care management

Contribute to the development of nursing care delivery systems to achieve optimal outcomes

Monitor the outcomes of patient care management and provide advice on appropriate clinical management and nursing interventions

Advocate evidence-based practices and promote its implementation

Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams in the formulation of clinical standards

Develop nursing care standards, frameworks, or guidelines for nursing professionals

Analyse gaps in policies in relation to the provision of clinical services based on research findings

Formulate recommendations to address gaps in clinical policies and professional practices

Formulate nursing care standards, frameworks or guidelines in collaboration with expert panel or professional organisations

Drive translation of research outcomes into clinical practices

Drive innovative strategies and nursing interventions to meet population health needs