Client Education in Therapy Support

Provide support to therapists in delivering and facilitating continuity of care with clients and caregivers



Competency Area

Patient and/or Client Education and Health Promotion


Support therapists to reinforce client education to clients and caregivers

Possess effective communication techniques

Understand and implement the methods to reinforce client education

Applies relevant therapy techniques and/or exercises in assigned therapy area(s)

Understands the responsibilities and limitations of the roles of therapy assistants and therapists

Organisation specific policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for client services

Educate clients and caregivers on self-management techniques and interventions

Reinforce client education for clients and caregivers, as instructed by therapists

Educate clients and caregivers on the various interventions or treatments for the clients in assigned therapy area(s) under supervision of therapists

Train caregivers in performing exercises for the clients and other relevant activities to manage client conditions under supervision of therapists

Train clients and caregivers in correct use of prescribed orthoses and assistive devices in assigned therapy area(s) under supervision of therapists

Provide reminders to clients and caregivers on interventions, exercises or use of assistive devices, as instructed by therapists

Reinforce potential safety precautions and risks associated with use of equipment

Monitor compliance of clients and patients to therapists’ recommended activities and use of assistive devices, and report adherence to therapists

Provide guidance to junior therapists where necessary.

Identify educational needs of the clients and caregivers to facilitate clients’ goals identified by therapists

Discuss health literacy concerns of patients with therapists as required

Determine appropriate types of delivery methods for client education

Evaluate the clients’ and/or caregivers’ understanding of education topics and update therapists

Evaluate performance of clients and caregivers in performing prescribed techniques, exercises and/or care management plans in assigned therapy area(s) and update therapists

Motivate clients and caregivers to continue with interventions or therapy techniques and exercises in assigned therapy area(s)

Escalate complex cases when necessary to therapists

Give feedback to support learning

Supervise therapy support students and therapy assistants in assigned clinical area(s)