Clinical Investigational Drug Management

Manage preparation, receipt, dispatch and storage of Clinical Investigational Drug (CID)



Competency Area

Drug Compounding and Management


Manage Clinical Investigational Drug (CID) products including inventories and records

Retrieve CID records upon receipt of orders

Prepare CID according to study protocols

Store CID according to study protocols and Singapore Guideline for Good Clinical Practice (SG-GCP)

Conduct cycle count of CID

Investigate reasons for discrepancies between physical count and system quantity

Liaise with suppliers for drug replacement and return procedures and inform pharmacists

Review Clinical Investigational Drug (CID) workflows

Identify redundant and improvement areas on CID inventories and drug accountability logs

Monitor the use of CID

Manage the return or disposal of CID and study materials according to study protocols

Maintain CID databases

Implement systematic filing systems

Fill in information into clinical trial accountability logs for shipment receipt and destruction

Distribute CID to the clinical trial teams

Identify areas of improvements and redundancies

Analyse existing CID workflows

Conduct improvement projects for CID-related workflows

Adhere to regulatory requirements in the disposal of pharmaceutical waste

Resolve CID dispensing records discrepancies