Vendor Management

Manage vendor relationships by ensuring performance as per contracts, operations within standards established by the organisation such as adherence to safety, security, and compliance standards



Competency Area

Production Management


Monitor vendors’ performance and resolve contractual issues

Compare the costs and quality from different vendors and suppliers on products and services provided

Maintain working-level communications and feedback to vendor and/or service providers

Articulate vendor’s role and responsibilities, and manage vendors' expectations accordingly

Develop and sustain vendor relationships and manage vendors’ performance

Evaluate vendors for compliance with Health, Safety and Environment and Current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements

Sustain smooth interactions and relationships with vendors and/or service providers

Determine and set clear parameters

Establish organisation’s expectations of vendors and manage critical vendor interactions

Develop strategic vendor management plans

Devise risk mitigation strategies to pre-empt and address potential risks associated with the vendor relationship

Establish key roles, duties and performance expectations of vendors

Maintain positive relationships with vendors based on trust testing and/or usability testing

Drive user testing and/or usability testing to enhance, and increase the likelihood of, sustainable usage of the organisation’s products or services

Lead the preparation of contingency plans during user testing and/or usability testing

Anticipate user and/or usability issues and opportunities that may not be discovered during user testing and usability testing

Lead the development of new testing methods to yield more accurate outcomes for user testing and/or usability testing

Present and attain buy-in on the strategies and values for conducting user testing and/or usability testing