Failure Analysis

Examine the electrical and physical defects evidence to verify the causes of failure as well as identify the failure modes



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Implement failure analysis to determine if defect is caused by electrical or physical failure

Identify types of failure analysis techniques

Select appropriate failure analysis techniques to perform analysis

Review failure analysis results

Determine follow-up action required

Review failure analysis results and implement changes that limit and/or eliminate the causes of failure

Identify appropriate failure analysis techniques

Perform failure analysis techniques

Interpret failure analysis results

Recommend follow-up actions required

Initiate failure analysis projects to improve organisation’s objectives

Select appropriate project that can help improve company’s objective in the context of failure analysis

Define project scope of work and the number of hours based on business requirements

Execute project in accordance with project plan

Evaluate project effectiveness in accordance with project objectives

Recommend follow up actions in accordance with organisational requirements