Computational Design

Use programming and computational strategies for design processes to enable design optioneering, automation and optimisation



Competency Area



Use computational design to communicate with relevant stakeholders

Explore how design solutions are created using computational methods

Support identification of computational design systems and tools

Communicate the benefits of computational design to relevant stakeholders

Apply computational design principles in the development of designs

Identify computational design systems and tools

Use computational tools to develop designs

Automate and optimise design options

Modify designs using computational design tools as necessary

Operate computational design tools for design intent

Develop designs and geometry using computational tools

Optimise design using patterns and designs from datasets

Conduct multiple objectives with visual programming

Modify programming scripts based on parameters identified

Formulate design problems to be solved via computational design

Troubleshoot programming scripts to ensure correct output based on objectives

Drive the customisation, modification and measurement of computational strategies to achieve desired design outcomes

Determine suitable tools and techniques to develop computational designs

Evaluate computational designs scripts and performance

Establish visual programming standards, guidelines and good practices

Customise visual programming language using coding languages