Group Work Assessment and Planning

Perform client assessments, develop and plan group work processes and specialised intervention strategies to achieve effective outcomes



Competency Area

Group Work


Support client assessments &specialised intervention strategies

Conduct screenings of clients for suitability of group work

Identify needs of clients and range of group activities

Identify factors that may impact group work activities

Identify appropriate approaches to address the needs of clients

Assist in administrative procedures in the planning of group work

Perform client assessments and specialised intervention strategies

Assess needs of clients and their suitability for group work

Assess dynamics and patterns of group behaviour

Plan group work programmes, psycho- education and support groups

Identify potential issues, risks and conflicts that may impact group work

Implement key principles of effective group work development and planning

Articulate group work outcomes

Lead assessments and adapt processes and specialised intervention strategies

Plan group work for client groups with complex needs

Adapt group work approaches for different groups and settings

Review group work outcomes

Supervise social service sector professionals in applying group dynamics and processes in planning

Drive to create new group work processes & specialised intervention strategies

Drive group work processes that meet the organisations, communities and/or sector’s needs

Integrate best practices into group work

Develop new group work processes

Strategies design and execution of group work plans

Translate insights from group dynamics of clients or support groups to formulate group work outcomes

Mobilise resources within community to enable group work

Supervise the development and planning of group work

Influence the development & planning of work processes and intervention strategies

Steer strategic initiatives relating to group work for alignment to sector and/or organisational strategies

Mobilise relevant stakeholders, networks and resources to support the planning of group work

Co-create solutions with multi-disciplinary teams

Provide consultations on the development and planning of group work