Social Policy Development

Develop social policies that are current, relevant and aligned to national priorities and social needs



Competency Area

Social Policy


Support the development of social policy proposals for the social service sector

Conduct need assessments for clients at the community level

Conduct environmental scanning to understand existing landscape for policy issues

Describe role of government in social policy development

Draft policy proposals in line with policy agenda under guidance of supervisors

Propose appropriate policy actions or recommendations to supervisors for approval

Propose stakeholders to be consulted in policy development

Develop social policy proposals for the social service sector

Recommend solutions to resolve gaps in policies

Draft policy proposals under supervision and guidance

Propose appropriate policy actions or solutions for approval

Ensure policies are developed in line with requisite legislative processes

Present policy proposals to relevant stakeholders

Engage stakeholders to understand the risks and impacts of policy changes

Guide staff in drafting policy

Develop social policy proposals and review social policy proposals developed by staff

Recommend policy agendas

Articulate impact of current social trends on social policies

Draft policy proposals

Supervise staff in drafting policy proposals

Identify list of stakeholders to be consulted in policy development

Collect and analyse feedback during policy consultations with stakeholders

Lead engagements with relevant stakeholders and agencies

Review social policy proposals developed and lead stakeholder consultations

Review policy proposals submitted for approval

Lead in policy consultations to gather feedback

Facilitate policy acceptance and consensus with stakeholders

Work with relevant legislative parties to draft legislative amendments and introduction of new legislation

Lead development of social policies and build consensus among stakeholders

Set policy direction and agendas

Evaluate list of stakeholders to be consulted in the policy reviews

Evaluate communication methods for the review of policies with stakeholders

Prepare terms of reference and guidelines for stakeholders’ involvement in policy reviews

Lead effort to build consensus on policy issues amongst stakeholders

Lead effort to obtain management and political endorsement for policy recommendations