Ethics, Values and Legislation

Apply conduct, ethics, values and relevant legislation to uphold the integrity and reputation of the organisation and the profession



Competency Area

Professional Practice


Adhere to principles of inclusive work practices in area of work

Adhere to organisational values and code of conduct in area of work

Carry out confidentiality protocols in area of work

Follow incident and reporting procedures

Exercise duty of care

Apply principles of ethical conduct, policies and procedures

Apply the organisational, legal and ethical policies and procedures to professional activities

Execute confidentiality protocols in documentation, recording and disclosure of client information

Identify and inform supervisors on ethical issues and misconduct

Apply relevant ethical decision-making processes

Assess ethical implications and apply decision-making processes to resolve ethical dilemmas

Advocate for the needs of the clients, ensuring their safety, security, well-being and inclusiveness

Assess potential workplace hazards and risks to ensure a safe and secure environment

Maintain duty of care and inclusive workplace practices

Report ethical issues and misconduct

Apply ethical decision-making models and strategies

Analyse reasons underpinning ethical dilemmas and issues and apply the appropriate ethical decision-making models to resolve them

Monitor organisation operational procedures to ensure work practices providing care and support of clients are executed in the best interest of clients

Review procedures of organisational operations to identify breaches to legal and ethical requirements

Monitor compliance to ethical practices, legal and regulatory requirements

Monitor, review and address incidents and complaints

Advise on ethical dilemmas and issues and guide resolution

Provide advice to multidisciplinary teams in ethical dilemmas and in court or legal forums for ethical decision-making

Establish procedures to identify and address ethical issues

Develop and implement procedures to maintain confidentiality of documentations and client records

Identify changes in ethical practices, legislation, regulations and reporting requirements with reference to government initiatives for incorporation

Review professional and ethical conduct and practices of social service professionals to determine gaps in compliance

Evaluate and translate compliance requirements for development of policies and procedures

Evaluate organisational governance, compliance, and risk management policies and procedures in relation to professional practice

Assess changes in legislation and regulations, and benchmark ethical practices in the local and international contexts

Design new legal and ethical frameworks, formulating change structures and procedures

Determine ethical and legal implications on professional practices in policy review initiatives with relevant government and social service

Establish and monitor quality assurance procedures to ensure governance and ethical accountability