Equipment Maintenance

Perform equipment maintenance including preparation, preventive and breakdown maintenance



Competency Area

Equipment, Shipment and Cargo Handling


Carry out equipment maintenance operations

Carry out repairs on mechanical or electrical equipment to achieve maximum life usage

Follow maintenance manuals and independently repair equipment

Carry out recording of equipment maintenance by using maintenance log

Follow health and safety practices for handling equipment

Support equipment maintenance handling procedures

Support equipment and tools repair or maintenance

Carry out mitigation of consequence of equipment failure

Perform documentation of maintenance procedures

Enhance equipment operating and repair procedures during maintenance

Carry out purchasing or raise requests for spare parts

Facilitate equipment maintenance handling procedures

Organise maintenance of Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and tools

Deploy procedures to store maintenance data and documentation accurately

Implement equipment operating and repair procedures during maintenance

Implement processes for purchase requests of spare parts

Deploy resource plans for scheduled equipment maintenance

Implement systemic inspection schedules to achieve maximum lifespan

Implement safety checks for MHE and tools to ensure safety of users